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The Friars’ Briar Association aims to promote fine fellowship and good curling on a national basis among clergy persons and their associates. The Association has held an annual curling competition, known as the Friars’ Briar Bonspiel, since 1978. “The Friars’ Briar” is held in Canada, ordinarily in the same city as the site of a Canadian Men’s Curling Championship Brier. This allows for competitors in the Friars’ Briar to both play the game of curling and to support the game of curling by attending at least one game of the Brier.

Our Board Members

Pam Bartel


David Martin

Past President

Chris Schwanz

Vice President

Kurt Sawatsky


John Torrance


Alex Harrison


Provincial Board Members

Don Allan


George Friedrich


Tom Flath


Jack Dyck


Kellie McComb


John Torrance


Brief History (A Poem)

Original Logo

2023 Update

From B.C. to Ontario the Pastors come
To trundle rocks on Shamrock’s lanes.
Twenty-two rinks by any name,
They sweep and glide from end to end.
To only use the “besom an’ stane”.
The Annual Friars’ Briar, so named,
a-curling by the Pastors and lay;
(both men and women may play the game.)
One lay person may play the lead.
Three on a rink must be Pastors indeed.

The Friars’ Briar is meant to be fun,
With fellowship and friendship at play.
As the heavy rocks turn and slide
Whether narrow or yet wide,
Win or lose, we will enjoy the day.

On one day a Banquet is served,
A short program and prizes beside.
When the rocks are all thrown
And the winners are known,
God be praised for all friends we have met!

Poem by Herb Eriksson

FBA – Bonspiel Rules

In the “FBA – Bonspiel Rules” section of our curling website, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations governing the exciting world of competitive curling. Whether you’re a seasoned curler or a newcomer to the sport, these rules are essential to ensure fair play and a thrilling experience on the ice


In the Constitution section of our website, you’ll find the fundamental principles and guidelines that govern our curling club. This document outlines our mission, values, and the structure that ensures the smooth operation of our club.

Planning Manual

This manual serves as a valuable tool for committee members, offering practical insights and step-by-step guidance on event planning, budgeting, marketing, and logistics. Whether you’re organizing a bonspiel, a curling clinic, or a fundraising event, this manual equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to make it a resounding success.

Annual Meeting Minutes

These minutes serve as a vital historical document, capturing important details such as financial reports, election outcomes, and strategic planning updates. They provide transparency and accountability to our members, ensuring that everyone is informed about the direction and priorities of our curling club.

Curling Etiquette

Curling etiquette is at the heart of our sport, emphasizing respect, good sportsmanship, and courtesy towards fellow curlers and the game itself. Whether it’s the handshake before a match, the silence during an opponent’s shot, or the traditions that make our sport unique, this section sheds light on the finer points of curling behavior.