FBA Bonspiel Rules

I. Rules for the Make-up of a Team in the Friars’ Briar Bonspiel

A. For the Friars’ Briar, the “skip” is defined according to the CCA Rulebook which says: 6. (1) The skip has the exclusive direction of the game for their team and shall deliver stones in each end. (2) The skip may play any position in the delivery rotation of their team. Teams eligible to play in the Friars’ Briar must have a minimum of one clergy or employee of a faith-based organization on the team, who plays in the position of skip or vice-skip. Exceptions must be cleared by the Executive on an annual basis. (Article 8: FBA Bonspiel Rules) It is preferable, but not essential, that all members of a Rink shall be from the same Province as the Skip.(Board decision)

II. Rules for Individual Games at the Friars’

A. All games are governed by CCA Rules for General Play available online at Rules of Curling for General Play – Canadian Curling Association

B. All games in all rounds of the Friars’ Briar are 8 ends (Article 8).

  • Points scored for and against are not used to break ties in the standings. This means a team that is trailing in a game that is out of reach is allowed to follow curling tradition and shake hands to concede the game at any point.
  • In order to speed play and keep to schedule local organizers may choose to institute the termination of play through the use of a buzzer. When the buzzer sounds at 95 minutes (or at another time pre-determined by local organizers), teams complete the end that is in process and play one additional end. The end is deemed to be “in process” when the lead has released the first stone of the end.

C. Ties in games in the round robin are broken by a draw to the button. (Board decision)

  • Each team will select 1 member of the team to make the draw. 2 players are to sweep, 1 player to hold the broom. All members of the team may join in the sweeping after the stone is released if they choose.
  • The opposing team is not to sweep this rock at any time.
  • The thrown rock will be measured by the 2 thirds with the measuring device.
  • The second team follows the same rules in throwing their rock.
  • Should the pin be covered by both rocks, then a second stone will be thrown by a different member of each team.


D. Ties in playoff games are broken by a team shootout

  • In the event that two Rinks are tied in Event Play, the win is decided by a shoot-out. (Each curler throws one additional rock. One point is awarded for being in any part of the 12 foot ring; two points for any part of the 8 foot ring; three points for any part of 4 foot ring; four points for any part of the button. The rink with the most points wins the game. (Should the tie not be broken, skips will throw until there is a winner) (Article  8.7)

III. Rules for the Curling Draw at The Friars’

A. The Round Robin (the seeding round)

1. Teams (depending on the number of entries) will be placed into four groups of six teams selected at random.

2. Each team (depending on the number of entries and ice availability) ordinarily plays all the teams in their group once

  • Teams finishing 1 and 2 in each group qualify for The Medal Event
  • Teams finishing 3 and 4 in each group qualify for The Don Amos Event
  • Teams finishing 5 and 6 in each group qualify for The Hugh Christmas Event


3. Tie Breakers in Seeding Round (Round Robin): When the seeding round results in teams with identical win/loss records the following tiebreakers will be applied until the tie is resolved. (Board decision)

a. The first tie breaker is given to the team with the best record in head to head games with other deadlocked teams.

b. The second tie breaker is based on a shootout competition that is ordinarily* performed by all teams and is scheduled after one of the draws in the seeding round.

  • After the completion of their game in the draw the two teams remain on the ice for the shootout. The two teams are shooting out together not in a “head to head” competition, but in order to record a shootout score for each team that will be used as a tiebreaker after the seeding round is complete.
  • Each member of each team will be drawing for the button both away from the glass and toward the glass. Each draw for the button will score points:
    • 4 points for a draw biting the button
    • 3 points for a draw biting the four foot
    • 2 points for a draw biting the eight foot
    • 1 point for a draw biting the twelve foot.
  • Shootout Procedure
    • Part One of the Shootout: One team begins the shootout while the other team records the score. All the members of the team throw 1 draw for the button. Sweeping takes place as in single game tiebreakers (Rule II C above). The other team records the score according the the scoring key above. The teams reverse roles: the second team performs the shootout while the first team records the score.
    • Part Two of the shootout: Each team repeats Part One, now performing the shootout “toward the glass.”
      A team’s total score is submitted to the draw-master. Total shootout points will be used as the second tiebreaker.
      • * NOTE: If time and ice are available, local organizers may choose to schedule a head-to-head shootout competition after the seeding round is complete involving only the teams whose win/loss record requires a second tiebreaker.

c. The third tie breaker: a single player draws to the button as in single game tie breakers (Rule II C above).

B. Event Playoffs

  1. Each team ordinarily plays 3 games in Event Play regardless of wins or losses.
  2. Prizes ordinarily are awarded to all teams in an order determined by Local Arrangements.
  3. An Event Trophy is awarded to the winning team in each of the Three Events: The Medal, The Don Amos, The Hugh Christmas.
  4. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions are awarded in The Medal Event.