Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2021

Zoom Call

March 11, 2021

(Due to Covid 19, the Friars’ Briar event and Annual Meeting were held online)


  1. Welcome – President Pam Bartel welcomed everyone and thanked them for joining the meeting.
  1. Pam reviewed the Agenda and asked if there are any additions to it. Vern Begalke suggested a research committee, or the Board, enable a feedback survey on the online games, including whether there could be a hybrid games (online as well as on-ice) for next year’s Briar; he also suggested that the online games have more than 4 ends
  1. Moved by Pam Bartel and seconded by Vern Begalke that we adopt the 2020 AGM Minutes as distributed. Carried.
  1. Report from local arrangements committee – David Hunter thanked everyone for participating this week. People seemed to enjoy the online games; he will send out a feedback survey asking if we would we like to do it again. He will be writing up an account of this Friars’ Briar, and wants others to also share their special memories and highlights. The budget was practically nil except for the prizes.  He thanked Laverne Hautz for all his work.
  1. Recognition of local committee – people expressed thanks for the LAC’s organization of the Briar, including Ernie Paetsch, who did some background work. It was noted with appreciation that Mike Goetz posted the scores online. Laverne Hautz appreciated that curlers improved through the week. Harold Hesje said that he and others will continue to have online games because they enjoyed the experience.
  1. Report from Board – Pam talked about the location options for the 2022 Friars’ Briar. The Tim Horton’s Briar will be in Lethbridge; Pam has someone looking into getting ice for us in that city. Alternates would include, Edmonton, Coalville or even Okotoks. Ernie commented that it would be really nice to be in the same city as the Brier again.  Pam will let us know if Lethbridge is possible. Sponsorships will also be looked for.
  1. Treasurer’s report – Harold Hesje

The report was put up on the screen.  2020 started with a balance of $5,040, and ended with $5,333.80.  Harold moved the acceptance of the report and Tyler Gingrich seconded.  Carried.

  1. Provincial Director nominations:
    1. BC – Don Allan 2023
    2. AB – Grace Nosterud 2024
    3. SK – Ron Bestvater 2021
    4. MB – Ken Perret 2020
    5. ON – John Torrance 2022
    6. ON – Pam Bartel 2022

The Saskatchewan club will find a replacement for Ron Bestvater. He enjoyed the Briars he attended and being on the Board.  They have several new curlers in their league, one of whom may be interested.


  1. Nominations for the Board Members and Officers:
  1. President – Pam Bartel
  2. Vice President – Reid Kennel
  3. Past President – David Martin
  4. Secretary – John Torrance
  5. Treasurer – Harold Hesje
  6. Historian – Ken Murdoch

All Executive members have agreed to stay on for the next year, although two have given notice.

Moved by Brian Cotton, seconded by David Hunter that the Board members be ratified.  Carried.

  1. Recognitions – Heavenly Host Award goes to the eastern teams, who won 15 games, while the western teams won 13.

Amazing Grace Award goes to Laverne Hautz, who suggested we do the online curling, and did a lot of organizing for the event.

  1. Memorials – Doug Mercer (ON) – David Martin memorialized Doug, who was a keen member of the Kitchener Club for years and participated in last year’s Briar in Waterloo. He “loved life and curling.” Both Doug Wagner and Pam Bartel spoke fondly of him as well.

Rev. Gene Grant (SK), who died on Sept 6, 2020 at age 88 – Ron Bestvater memorialized him and showed a photo of him. He had a great sense of humour. Harold Hesje remembers him fondly as a member of his team and as a friend.

  1. New Business – There are Friars’ Briar pins available – Harold Hesje has them for $5 each and mailing will be free. Pam announced that a new layer has been added to the trophy and a new case is being made. She asked if anyone from Ontario is driving West this year, to take the trophy with them.

There was a discussion of whether to have a hybrid Briar next year, so that people who can’t attend in person would be able to participate online. David Hunter suggested that the online be done during the Scotties Women’s Curling, or between the Scotties and the Tim Horton’s Brier.  Laverne Hautz said that the legwork has been done for the online experience and the template would be available.  It was suggested we have 6 ends instead of 4.  Pam asked if anyone is willing to work on it next year. Both David Hunter and Laverne Hautz would be willing to organize it.  Kelly McComb suggested that if we go virtual again that the first few games be played within regions, or within 2 time zones.

The final game tomorrow will be at 1:00 EST, between Doug Wagner and David Hunter and they will play 6 ends. The Award Ceremony will be at 4:00 EST.

  1. We Adjourned at 8:05 pm.