The Constitution of the Friars' Briar Association

Amendments proposal 2023


1.1. The name of the association is the Friars’ Briar Association, hereinafter referred to as the FBA.


2.1. The purpose of the FBA is to promote regional, national and international fellowship and friendly-competition curling among faith leaders and people of faith. To that end, the FBA shall make every effort to hold an annual curling competition, known as the Friars’ Briar, hereinafter referred to as the FB.


3.1. Membership in the FBA shall be open to the following persons:

3.1.1. Faith leader, defined as active or retired employees of a faith-based organization.
3.1.2. People of faith
3.1.3. Others as invited by participating faith leaders

3.3. Fees are paid annually prior to the Annual General Meeting, hereinafter referred to as the AGM.

Annual General Meeting

4.1. There shall be an AGM of the FBA, called by the Board and held during the week of the FB as arranged in cooperation with the Local Planning Committee, hereinafter referred to as the LPC. In the event that a FB is not held, or not held in person, the AGM shall be held virtually.

4.2. Quorum shall be considered to be present if 60% of FBA members are in attendance.

4.3. Between AGMs, business of the FBA shall be entrusted to the Board.

Board of Directors

5.1. Board of Directors

5.1.1. The FBA Board shall consist of at least five Regional Directors. The Board shall appoint at least five officers, hereinafter referred to as the Executive. Executive members may also be Regional Directors. These positions shall be ratified at each AGM.

5.2. Regional Directors

5.2.1. Regional Directors are selected by their FBA regional peers to serve a five year term. Participation in every FB during their term is not required to maintain their Regional Director status. At a minimum, each of the following regions will have Board representation: Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia

5.2.2. Additional regions desiring FBA Board regional representation may request a Regional Directorship from the Board.

5.2.3. If unable to attend a meeting of the Board, the Regional Director may assign a proxy to represent and cast a vote for their region.

5.2.4. The Board shall make every effort to maintain leadership continuity by staggering the end date of Regional Director terms.

5.3. Regional Directors

5.3.1. The Board shall appoint officers to act as the Executive. The following officer positions will be appointed: President Past President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Communication Lead (website, promotional and historical material)

5.3.2. The duties of the Executive shall be consistent with those of executive officers of any similar organization.

5.3.3. Each Executive member shall serve a one year term, renewable annually, not to exceed seven consecutive years. The Past President officer is required to maintain the Past President office for a minimum of one year after a change in Presidency.

Responsibilities of the Board

6.1. General Duties

6.1.1. The Board is responsible for convening and conducting the AGM of the FBA.

6.1.2. The Board shall ensure protocols are in place for consistently administered FBs. Protocols include but are not limited to administration protocols, competition protocols, award protocol, and a FB planning guide.

6.1.3. The FBA shall be responsible for expenses including but not limited to administration of the FBA and expenses related to historical records (i.e., trophies, plaques, and medals). The FBA shall not be responsible for expenses related to hosting the event including but not limited to ice rental, meals, accommodation, and travel.

6.1.4. The Board shall be responsible for keeping an up-to-date mailing list of all members of the FBA and keeping them informed of FBA affairs.

6.1.5. The FBA President shall ensure: Safe custody of the FB trophy and plaques Board-approved protocols are followed, including but not limited to distribution of all awards and rules and regulation of the competition A record of awards is maintained for each event

6.2. Annual Competition Duties

6.2.1. The Board shall be responsible for determining the location and dates for each annual FB in consultation with regional leaders from where the event will be held.

6.2.2. The Regional Director for the area in which a FB is to be held shall ensure that a Local Planning Committee, hereinafter referred to as the LPC, is in place to organize the FB. If possible, the Regional Director for the area shall serve as a member of the LPC.

6.2.3. The Board entrusts planning and implementation for each FB to the LPC.

6.2.4. The President shall be available for consultation with the LPC.

6.2.5. The Board empowers the FBA Treasurer to advance, upon request, seed-money from the FBA account to the LPC to assist with pre-event expenses. It is expected that such seed-money will be returned to the FBA account after all local accounts are settled. All surplus money accrued from a FB will be directed to the FBA account.

6.2.6. The Board shall be responsible for determining FB award recipients.

Amendments to the Constitution

7.1 This Constitution may be amended at any AGM of the FBA by a simple affirmative two thirds vote by the members present, providing that due notice of motion to amend the Constitution, signed by two paid-up members, and accompanied by the proposed amendment in writing, is received by the Board Secretary before the end of the calendar year preceding the AGM at which the proposed amendment(s) is to be presented.