2015 Friars’ Briar

March 2, 2015 -

March 6, 2015


Calgary, AB

Hello Friars!

It’s official!  The 2015 Friars’ Briar will be held March 2nd thru 6th in the Calgary area (maybe not right in Calgary, they say).  The announcement was made at the end of the Annual Meeting of the Friars’ Briar, held Wednesday during the Banquet at the curling rink.

Congrats To Our Winners:

Team Baska

Congratulations to the Baska Team, taking the Gold Medal over the Hunter Team in the finals of the Medals Round Award.

Winner in the Don Amos Award was the Grundahl Team, over the Reid Team.

Winner in the Hugh Christmas Award was Hesje Team over the Wall Team.

The ‘Amazing Grace Award‘ went to the East this year.  The award goes to the east/west split of team total scores in the first draw of the Round Robin series.  (For the Friar’s Briar, that usually means the split between east and west is down Portage Avenue in Winnipeg or somewhere in Regina, Saskatchewan!!)

Teams Information

With 4 weeks to go before the Friars’ Briar commences, there are 20 Teams ready to go!

Of those, 11 are from Ontario, 2 each for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta plus 3 from British Columbia.

If you are wanting to come as an Individual player, there might be an odd team needing a player.

Schedule Information

Starting at 6:30 pm Monday, March 2 the opening draws will start.  Opening ceremonies will commence at 6:15 pm, preceded by the opening of Registrations at 4:30 pm and Opening Luncheon at 5:30 pm.

A special Speaker at the 2016 Friars Briar Banquet

Jim Waite, national coach and team leader for Canadian curling championship teams at the world level since 1993.

Fee Information

The Registrar for the Okotoks Friars’ Briar wishes to alert curlers that the deadline for ‘Early Bird’ registrations is January 31st, at which time the registration fee will go from $175 to $190.

Registration Information

The Registrar of the Okotoks Friars’ Briar has received a few requests from Teams wanting individual curlers to fill out their team.

If you are wanting to curl in the Friars’ Briar, or know of individuals who may be wanting to curl, but not able to field a full team, then get in touch with the Registrar and indicate you would be available to curl on a team short of curlers.  He should be able to indicate who needs a curler (or two!) and place you accordingly.  Afterwards, individuals can use the Registration process to finalize their arrangements.

Travel Information

WestJet and Best Western are giving this year’s Friars Briar new deals!