2022 Friars’ Briar

March 7, 2022 -

March 11, 2022


Lethbridge, AB

Hello Friars!

On behalf of the executive, I’m pleased to confirm that the Friars’ Briar 2022 will be held in Lethbridge on March 7-11. 
Lee Lovebridge will be heading up the planning committee. If you are interested in helping out in that capacity I’m sure he’d be happy  to hear from you: [email protected]. The Lethbridge club is fairly new and looks to be a terrific venue for us! As most of you will already know, the Tim Horton Brier will be held in Lethbridge during the same week. We haven’t been in a Brier city in a number of years and so I’m sure it will be an exciting year to attend the Briar/Brier. The planning group will plan for a maximum of 24 teams so be sure to register early once registrations open (later this year).
Wishing you an enjoyable summer and hope that we’ll all be back in our clubs in fall!

Congrats To Our Winners:

Team Friedrich

Award Winners:
Heavenly Host – the visitors (defined as the west in 2022)
Amazing Grace – Teenie Wall
!st place – Team Friedrich
2nd place – Team Pacific
3rd Place – Team Baska
4th Place – Team Rock Stars
5th Place – Team Paetch (Don Amos winner)
6th Place – Team Bartel
7th place – Team Hesje (Hugh Christmas winner)
8th place – Team Wall

There was also a smaller online curling tournament a few weeks later. The final standings for that event is as follows:
1st – David Hunter
2nd – Chad Moir
3rd – Jack Dyck
Congratulations to all!

Teams Information

Despite Covid19, the Executive and Local Lethbridge Planning Committee have prevailed in having the 2022 Friars’ Briar  set to go on Monday, March 7!

Eight teams are participating , with each of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia registering teams.  In addition, with the success of the ‘online Friars’ Briar’ last year, there will be another online Briar this year, set to go on Saturday, March 26.

Schedule Information

  • Open with zoom at 11am EST
  • Round robin in your pool from about 11:15am – 4pm EST (6-end games)
  • Zoom call around 4pm to announce playoffs
  • Playoffs from about 5pm – 8pm EST
  • Zoom call to announce winners around 8pm EST
  • Zoom will be open all day for folks who want to check in or visit.
  • Number of registrants will not be limited. Registrants will be divided into pools.
  • Cash prizes will be given to the winners – TBD depending on the number of registrants and pools.

Registration Information

1. If you haven’t already registered at http://www.playcurling.com/ then do so. Note your nickname. You do need to register but you don’t need to subscribe. So this is free if you don’t subscribe.
2. Send an email by March 11 to [email protected] with
  •  your full name
  •  your playcurling nickname
  • your phone number
  • your time zone
Registration for this event is free. Laverne will be in touch with the draw prior to the 26th.

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