2020 Friars’ Briar

March 2, 2020 -

March 6, 2020


Waterloo, Ontario

Hello Friars!

It’ the New Year, and the new President Pam Bartel has recently alerted the Friars’ Briar community via email that the Waterloo planning committee is working towards another memorable Friars’ Briar in March 2020. Registrations are open with registration forms for teams and individuals available on the website as usual. Be sure to look at the Information tabs for Travel and Accommodation recommendations.

Some changes of note should be taken into consideration. As the KW Granite Club ice is not available for Monday night, the Briar will have Monday morning and afternoon draws to accommodate. It is strongly advised, therefore, that Friars plan to get to Waterloo on Sunday, so as to be available for the Monday draws.

As well, the planning committee has included all luncheon costs in the registration. This is in addition to the usual Banquet, Opening and Closing meals that have always been included in the registration costs.

Teams Information

Group A Group B Group C
Spare Rocks (W) Bartel (W) Nichol
Winger Short Freidrich (W)
Wall (W) Borsellino (W) First Rocks
D. Martin Ludolph Team Victoria (W)
Schwanz (W) Wardlaw (W) M. Martin
Niagara Rocks Foliot  Diller Harder (W)

Schedule Information

Two issues are to be noted for this year’s FB.  The first is that draws begin Monday morning (as evening  times are not available at the rink)  Teams were warned, therefore, to arrive on Sunday so as to be available for the Monday draws.  Secondly, as evenings will be ‘free time’ (save for the Thursday banquet), the planning committee is providing options to visit facilities in Waterloo or watching the ‘big Brier’ on television.

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