2017 Friars’ Briar

March 6, 2017 -

March 11, 2016


Victoria, BC

Hello Friars!

Yes, it is now official, the next Friars Briar will be held in Victoria, BC on March 6-10, 2017.

Further details will follow as soon as the ‘working group’ in BC announce same.

The delay in making this official stems from not knowing for sure where the big Brier was going to be held.  As of this date, this is still uncertain (though  we are assured it will not be in BC!).

Congrats To Our Winners:

Team Martin

Medal Event
Gold Medal  MARTIN (David)
Silver Medal  WALL
Bronze Medal  BARTEL

Don Amos Playoff
First  Learmonth
Second  Martin (Maurice)
Third  Borsellino

Hugh Christmas Playoff
First  Re4mD
Second  Edmonton Steelers
Third  Kiesman

Winner of the Heavenly Host Award – The East

The Amazing Grace Award – Rod Fair

The President’s Challenge: Team Borsellino

A Special Recognition (The Most Artistic Wipeout) – Keith McFarlane

Teams Information

The Victoria planning committee was able to negotiate with Shaw Communications for recording the Gold Medal playoffs of the 39th Friars’ Briar between Teams David Martin (Ontario) and Sieg Wall (Manitoba) on the final draws of Friday morning.

Initially hoped to be ‘live streamed’, at the end was taped for viewing later on YouTube.  None the less, it is worth taking time to view same, whether one was at the event or home awaiting results.  A cliff-hanger, the results were tied going into the 8th end, but ultimately Team Martin won by the score of 8 to 5

Commentating the event were: Melissa Soligo, Canadian Curling Association National Coach Consultant and Pastor George Friedrich, player with Friars’ Briar Team Paetsch.

View the game at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YScDMFSMLfs

Schedule Information

Things are starting to heat up at the Victoria ‘Friars’ Briar’…..

After 3 games of the round robin, look at the standings. Winning 3 games so far are Teams… Allan, D. Martin, Perkins and Wall.  That’s 2 for BC, 1 for Ontario and 1 for Manitoba.  5 Teams are close behind at 2 wins so far.  So, stay tuned for Wednesday’s showdowns.

By the way, the whispers around the FB are, the Victoria planning committee has produced another great experience for the Friars’ Briar participants.  One can’t wait to see what else it has in store for the rest of the week!

And what about the President of the FB, eh!!  Relying on a research report by a person named  ‘Von Drump’, of all things!  Stay tuned for the results of the President’s Challenge on this site. (Don’t look for an early morning ‘tweet’)

Registration Information

It has taken a bit of slugging, but the Victoria planning committee for the 2017 Friars’ Briar in March is announcing that they are now open to take Registrations.  As was the case last year for the Ottawa Briar, one registration only is required per team (and one remittance of fees accordingly).  An Individual registration form is available for those without a Team, whereby asking the Registrar to place them on a Team lacking a full complement of players.

Again, payment of fees can be made by way of a cheque or eTransfer.

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