2016 Friars’ Briar

March 7, 2016 -

March 11, 2016


Ottawa, ON

Hello Friars!

The 2016 Friars Briar will be held in Ottawa between March 7 – 11, 2016

The rink will be at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, 1 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa (right near the International Airport).

Congrats To Our Winners:

Team Learmonth

Medals Event Winners

Gold – Learmonth Team
Silver – LeBlanc Team
Bronze – Bartel Team

Don Amos Event Winners

First – Team Victoria
Second – Hunter Team
Third – Schenk Brothers Team

Hugh Christmas Event Winners

First – Frozen Chosen Team
Second – Wilson Team
Third – Burton Team

Winner of the Heavenly Host Award – The East Teams
(for the most games won between the East vs West Teams in Draw 1 of the Round Robin draws)

The Amazing Grace Award
Susan Wilson for fostering female Clergy Curling and exemplary sportswomanship

The President’s Challenge – Team Bartel
(for the most steals over the spiel)

Teams Information

The latest tally on rinks registered for the Ottawa Friars Briar this March, as of January 20th, stands at 19.

Breakdown so far includes: 11 from Ontario, 2 from Manitoba, 2 from Saskatchewan, 1 from Alberta and 3 from British Columbia.

Schedule Information

Team Ranking after Round Robin

Pod 1 Pod 2 Pod 3 Pod 4
1 Learmonth Leblanc Skaret Baska
2 Bartel Torrance Brown Wall
3 Hesje Alton Victoria Hunter
4 Friedrich Schenk Martin Grahlman
5 Burton Frozen Chosen Winger Wilson

Teams with first and second standing in each Pod will now advance to the Medal Event

Teams with third and fourth standing in each Pod will advance to the Don Amos Event

Teams with fifth standing in each Pod will advance to the Hugh Christmas Event

Accomodation Information

2 Hotels have booked rooms for Friars curlers.

Further details will be added now to the website as the hosts (Ontario Clergy Clubs) provide information as their planning proceeds.

Registration Information

Ontario Clergy Clubs, in hosting the 2016 Friars Briar in Ottawa, have announced the Registration dates and processes. Registrations will open Monday, November 16th at 7:00 PM (EST).