Directors Meeting – March 8, 2022

Location: Lethbridge, AB

  1. Opening Reflections by Pam on having a sense of belonging to the Briar


  1. We talked about changing the days for the Briar in order to accommodate younger curlers. Like maybe run it from a Friday to a Tuesday? This is more difficult for the active ministers.


  1. Acceptance of Minutes from March 18, 2021. Moved by Ron Bestvater, seconded by David Martin that the Minutes be approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Kurt Sawatsky is the new Treasurer – Balance is $5,333.8
    1. Moved Grace Nosterud and seconded by David Martin that the current signatories be Kurt Sawatsky as Treasurer, and Ron Bestvater as Provincial Director. Carried
    2. Moved by Ron Bestvater, seconded Grace Nosterud that all Friars Briar e-transfers should be by e-mail that is signed by the appropriate signatories and kept on file. Carried.
    3. Moved by Ron Bestvater, seconded by Don Allan, that the Treasurer’s Report by accepted.


  1. Local Committees Report: Lee Loveridge reported that financial we are down by $150, largely because of lack of sale of Brier tickets. Everyone on the LAC has been very helpful. No entertainment at the Thursday banquet, but maybe a “Jeopardy” type game. Pam expressed thanks for the excellent organization of the Briar.  The Board will be able to cover whatever deficit there may be.  We appreciate the meal ticket arrangement.  Travel allowance payments have been made.


  1. Review of the Travel Allowance for the 2022 Friars’ Briar.


  1. Review of proposed Board Members and Officers:
    1. President – Pam Bartel
    2. Vice President – Chris Schwanz
    3. Past President – David Martin
    4. Secretary – John Torrance
    5. Treasurer – Kurt Sawatsky
    6. Historian and WebMaster– Ken Murdock [At the end of the week, Alex Harrison offered to take over as webmaster, Ken offered to step down. He will also step down as historian. We will need to decide how we would like to continue with these roles?]


  1. Proposed Provincial Directors:
    1. BC – Don Allan – 2025
    2. AB – Grace Nosterud – 2024
    3. SK – Ron Bestvater 2023
    4. MB – Jack Dyck – 2027
    5. ON – John Torrance 2023
    6. ON – Kelly McComb – 2027


  1. Location and Date of 2023 Friars’ Briar:
    1. Tim Horton’ Brier will be held in London from March 6-10
    2. Local Arrangements – John Torrance, David Jones, Marcus Baker,


  1. Review of Friars’ Briar 2022 AGM Agenda:

AGM was held on Wednesday between the morning and afternoon games. This worked very well. The memorial moments and the Amazing Grace award were held off until the banquet on Thursday, March 10 at Immanuel Lutheran Church.


  • Memorial Moment
    • Bob Burton – Sieg Wall or David Martin will speak
    • Roger Winger – David Martin will speak
  • Amazing Grace Award – Teenie Wall.


  1. President’s challenge 2023: Teams are challenged to have player(s) on their team who have never played in a Briar before. Local committee to consider discount for new players and a bigger discount if the entire team is new to the Friars’ Briar.


  1. Adjournment