Directors Meeting – March 8, 2017

Location: Victoria Curling Club, BC

1.      Opening Prayer – Don Sjoberg

2.      Agenda Review (additional items as arising)

3.      Acceptance of Minutes from March 8, 2016 – Ottawa

–    corrections – name spelling: Sieg Wall; 2021 – name Ron Bestvater rather than Wegner

–    Vice President – Don Sjoberg

4.      Treasurer’s Report: Harold Hesje – Bank Balance as of October 31, 2016 – $3,191.66

a.       Current signatories are Ernie Paetsch and David Martin.

5.      Banking Resolution

a.       Moved by Sieg Wall, seconded by Don Sjoberg, that Dan Skaret be removed as signing authority and that Harold Hesje be the new signing authority. Carried.

6.      Local Hosting Committee Report: Don Allan & Herb Sharpe

a.       Don Allan reported that he used volunteers from the local curling community to plan the Friars Briar, and all of us are greatly appreciative.  Some of them have played with us this week, including Dale Perkins, Cedric Truman, John Riopka, Nick Geerdink, Al Orton, Kelvin Kedves, Paul Malnarich, Rod Fair and Registrar & Treasurer Herb Sharpe

b.      A letter of appreciation is to be sent to Don Allan and committee

7.      Registrar & Treasurer Report – attached – 72 Players on 18 teams.

8.      Review of the Travel Allowance for the 2017 Friars’ Briar – Moved by the Board that we use $1400 out of Friars Briar account to bring the travel subsidies up to 2016 schedule. Carried.

Cash will be put in envelopes for the skips to distribute to their players.

9.      Nominations for the Board Members and Officers:

a.       President – David Martin

b.      Vice President – Don Sjoberg

c.       Past President – Sieg Wall

d.      Secretary – John Torrance

e.       Treasurer – Harold Hesje as appointed by the Board

f.       Historian – Ken Murdoch


10.  Provincial Directors:

a.     BC – Ernie Paetsch 2020

b.    AB – Don Sjoberg 2019

c.     SK – Ron Bestvater 2021

d.    MB – Ken Perret 2020

e.     ON – John Torrance 2018

f.     ON – Pam Bartel 2018


11.  Location and Date of 2018 Friars’ Briar

a.       Tim Horton’ Brier will be held in Regina from March 3-11, 2018

b.      Options for hosting in Regina – Moved by the Board that we accept the invitation of the Saskatoon Clergy Curling Club to hold the 2018 Friars Briar in Regina.  Carried.

Allen Grundahl will find members for the local arrangements committee.

12.  Review of Friars’ Briar 2017 AGM Agenda

13.  Amazing Grace Award

a.       Nominations – Rod Fair, who just started curling last week, but is skipping a team from Victoria.

b.      Presenter – Pam Bartel

14.  Memorial Moment at Banquet

Dan Skaret died of pancreatic cancer last November – he had been Treasurer of the Friars Briar Board.  Alan Grundahl will pay tribute to his longtime friend.

15.  40th Anniversary of the Friars’ Briar will be celebrated at the 2018 games.

16.  Future of the Friars’ Briar

Flexibility/Exemptions for clergy skips – long discussion about how flexible we should be with who should be eligible to skip teams.

Moved by Don Sjoberg and seconded by Pam Bartel that we recommend to the Annual Meeting the proposal that we move to having at least one clergy or employee of a faith based organization on a team, preferably but not necessarily as skip. Carried, with one negative vote.

17.  Future of the Friar’s Briar Logo

Moved by Don Sjoberg and seconded by Ernie Paetsch that we pay the expense to have a good quality graphic produced. Carried.

18.  Friars’ Briar Pins

a.       Replace current stock? Yes

b.      New pin? New design? No

19.  Other Agenda – that we encourage the local hosting committees to submit a report on the Friars Briars of 2016 and 2017.

20.  Adjournment – moved that we adjourn at 8:00 pm