Directors Meeting – March 4, 2015

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Present: David Martin, Pam Bartel, John Torrance, Don Sjoberg, Dan Skaret, Ron Wegner, and Ernie Paetsch.

Guests: George Budd, Stephen Hambridge.
Opening Prayer and Welcome given by David Martin.

The adoption of the agenda was MSC (Moved, Seconded, Carried).

A thank you was given by David to the Local Committee for organizing this event in Okotoks.

Business Arising:

1. The report of the Local Committee was given by George Budd as the host of this year’s event. The AGM event and dinner will start at 6:30 pm with supper beginning at 6:45 pm and the meeting following. Entertainment will be provided by Dora Hall and her band “The Standing Stones”. Dora’s husband Don used to curl in the Friar’s Briar. The travel subsidies were discussed with the decision that they be as follows: $100 for ON, $75 for MB, and $50 for BC and SK. The subsidies are down this year even with the decrease in ice rental costs. A reminder was given that the hosts will give a brief report at this evenings’ event.

2. A suggestion was made that the Board and AGM minutes be put on the Website as a repository for the archives and for easy access by future members of the Board. Moved by Amy and seconded by John that the minutes be added to the Website. MSC

3. Moved by John and seconded by Dan that the past president be added to our Board of Directors. MSC

4. An additional amendment will be discussed and added to the AGM agenda tonight that the provincial representation to the Board be changed from a term of 5 years to 3 years.

5. Nominations: Amy and Ernie’s terms are up this year. John Torrance will replace Amy as secretary and a replacement will be found for Amy’s provincial term on the board. Ernie wishes to remain on the board but not as vice president. Don Sjoberg will replace Ernie as vice. Amy will remain if a replacement can not be found.

6. Award nominations were sought for the Amazing Grace plaque. It was decided to keep the plaque with the Friar’s Briar Board instead of having to worry about getting it back every year. Also the website will be checked so that individual names can be put on it from past years winners. Suggestions for the Amazing Grace Award resulted in the decision that it go to the youngest curler as another way to keep our event going. The Don Amos and Hugh Christmas Awards will be announced on Friday after our lunch when final results are in from the medal rounds.

7. A reminder was given that the $5.00 fee from registration come back to the board since this has been missed in the past.

8. Consensus was reached by the board that the travel subsidy for Ontario be $125 since all the other provinces had come down $25.

9. The Agenda for the AGM Banquet was reviewed and approved.

10. The next Friar’s Briar will be held in Ottawa, our nation’s capital, with hopefully more rinks coming from Ontario for that reason. Two venues have been checked out with the Hunt Club giving us a better deal on ice rental and a Day’s Inn nearby giving us easy access to the rink and airport. This will be discussed at the AGM with the invite being accepted.

11. Memorial presenters are need for Ross Connell and Isaac Balzer. Dave will look into it and perhaps Gary Williams will present on Issac.

12. The proposed amendments will be discussed at the AGM on Thursday and general consensus was expected.

Meeting adjourned at 1:22 pm shortly after some curlers needed to get back on the ice.