Directors Meeting – March 18, 2021

Location: Zoom Call

Present: Pam Bartel (President), David Hunter, Grace Nosterud, Don Allen, Reid Kennel, David Martin, Ron Bestvater, Harold Hesje, John Torrance (Secretary), Ken Murdoch

  1. Opening remarks – Pam Bartel
  2. Reid led the introductions and the sharing personal news


  1. Pam moved and Reid seconded the acceptance of the Dec 10, 2020 Minutes.


  1. Treasurer’s report: Harold Hesje gave the report and moved to accept it, seconded by Ron Bestvater. Carried.

It was noted that there is no need to subsidize the local arrangements this year because the fees covered expenses.


  1. Local Hosting Committee report by David Hunter:

The first virtual gathering of the 2021 Friars’ Briar participants took place at noon today.  Salmon Arm would have hosted the Briar except for the COVID-19 restrictions.  20 curlers are registered.  Laverne Hautz set up the game through Google docs. There will be $100 divided up between winners.

  • It was decided that we will revert back to the previous registration format for the 2022 Friars’ Briar rather than use the Google Registration Form


  1. Nominations – Pam asked if any of the Board members want to step down from their positions and/or does anyone want a new role within the Officers?


Reid wants to step down from Vice-President because he is moving to Thunder Bay, but will stay for another year. Harold also would like to step down next year as Treasurer but will continue for this year. Ken Murdock will continue as historian.  Pam will stay as President. John Torrance will continue as Secretary.  We will replace Vice-President and Treasurer next year.

Moved by Ron Bestvater, seconded by Don Allen that the Executive remain the same until next year. Carried.


Nominations for the Board Members and Officers:

  1. President – Pam Bartel
  2. Vice President – Reid Kennel
  3. Past President – David Martin
  4. Secretary – John Torrance
  5. Treasurer – Harold Hesje
  6. Historian – Ken Murdoch


  1. Provincial Directors
    1. BC – Don Allan 2020
    2. AB – Grace Nosterud 2024
    3. SK – Ron Bestvater 2021
    4. MB – Ken Perret 2020
    5. ON – John Torrance 2022
    6. ON – Pam Bartel 2022


– Ron Bestvater’s (SK) term is up in 2021. He doesn’t want to continue.  His Saskatoon club will name someone else for Sask.


  1. 2022 location and date.

Lethbridge – Lee Lovebridge is willing to host us.  Pam called motels & hotels which still have space.  Lethbridge Rink has 10 sheets. The advantage is that the Tim Horton’s Brier is in Lethbridge.  This would be Plan A.  A friend of Pam’s, Kathy, has volunteered to be on the Local Arrangements Committee.

Plan B would be the Shamrock Clug in Edmonton.


  1. AGM Agenda review (see below)


  1. Awards – there will be no awards this year, except for Heavenly Host and Amazing Grace


  1. Memorials – Doug Mercer (ON) – David Martin will memorialize him; Rev. Gene Grant (SK) – Ron Bestvater will memorialize him


  1. Other business:

– Pam showed us the trophy with a new base, so more team names can be added. She will also have a case made.

– Pam asked if we should order new pins – Harold says we have lots of them in his room.  We should offer new curlers the pins for $5. We will cover the cost of mailing.


  1. Adjourn


AGM Agenda – March 11 – 7:00 pm EST

  1. Welcome – Pam
  2. Acceptance of 2020 AGM minutes (attached)
  3. Report from local committee – David Hunter
  4. Recognition of local committee
  5. Report from Board – included announcement about 2022 Briar
  6. Treasurer’s report – Harold Hesje
  7. Provincial Director nominations (SK?)
  8. Executive Director nominations (?)
  9. Recognitions – Heavenly Host award/Amazing Grace award
  10. Memorials
  11. Business arising

12 Adjourn