Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2020

Waterloo, Ontario

March 5, 2020

  1. Welcome and opening prayer by Pam Bartel
  2. A short “heads or tails” game was played to raffle off a vintage curling tie.
  3. Acceptance of the February 28, 2019 AGM Minutes.
    1. Minutes were Moved, Seconded, CARRIED.
  4. Report from Local Hosting Committee by committee chair, Terry Delion
    1. Having a snack table at the club was a huge success and well received, thanks to all who contributed.
  5. Recognized the hard work done by members of the Local Hosting Committee
  6. Report from the Board
    1. No action was needed in regards to the travel allowance as the local committee took care of it.
    2. Thanks to David Hunter and Harold Hesje for taking care of the medals.
  7. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Presented by Pam Bartel on Harold Hesje’s behalf
    2. There is a surplus of $5040.90 at the time of the AGM
    3. Report was Moved, Seconded, CARRIED.
  8. Provincial Directors were updated as follows
    1. BC – Don Allen 2025
    2. AB – Grace Nostrud – 2024
    3. SK – Ron Bestvater – 2021
    4. MB – Ken Perret – 2020 – is willing to continue for MB
    5. ON – John Torrance – 2023
    6. ON – Pam Bartel – 2023
    7. Moved, Seconded, CARRIED for this list be approved.
  9. Recognition of current Friars’ Briar Officers:
    1. President  – Pam Bartel – willing to continue
    2. Vice President – Reid Kennel – willing to continue
    3. Past President – David Martin – willing to continue
    4. Secretary – John Torrance – willing to continue
    5. Treasurer – Harold Hesje – willing to continue
    6. Historian and Webmaster Ken Murdoch – willing to continue
    7. Moved, Seconded, CARRIED to accept the list of Officers.
  10. Special recognitions
    1. Heavenly Host
  1. Presented by Jeff Learmonth to The West. Don Allen accepted on behalf of all teams from the west.
    1. President’s Challenge
  1. The President’s challenge was to score the most three-enders, it was won by the Diller Harder Team.
    1. Amazing Grace
  1. Presented by Reid Kennel to Cory Weiss for keeping us an interfaith bonspiel this year.
  1. Memorial Tribute
    1. The board was not aware of any deaths this past year.
    2. It was opened to the floor but no one mentioned a passing.
  2. Business arising out of the meeting
    1. It was noted that next year’s Friar’s Briar will be hosted in BC with the specific location and date to be announced.
  3. Adjournment
    1. Moved, Seconded, CARRIED.


Minutes recorded by Reid Kennel, Vice President