Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2016

Hunt Club, Ottawa, Ontario

March 10, 2016

1. Welcome and Opening Prayer – President David Martin

2. Acceptance of Minutes: Moved by Jerry Steinberg, seconded by and Dan Skeritt, that the Minutes of the March 5, 2015 AGM (Okatoks AB) be accepted as posted. Carried.

3. Report from the Board:

a. Thanks were offered to Local Arrangements Committee, consisting of reps from the Ontario Clergy Clubs, for planning and hosting the 2016 Friars Briar

b. It was decided to give a $1000 travel subsidy from the Friars Briar Board to distance curlers, on top of what the LAC contributes.

Moved by Maurice Martin, seconded by Jerry Hofsteder, that the actions of the Board be accepted. Carried


4. Provincial Directors Update

a. BC – Ernie Paetsch 2020

b. AB – Don Sjoberg 2019

c. SK – Ron Wegner 2021

d. MB – Ken Perett 2020

e. ON – John Torrance 2018

f. ON – Pam Bartel 2018

5. Recognition of current Friars’ Briar Officers:

a. President – David Martin

b. Vice President – Ernie Paetsch

c. Past President – Sieg Wall

d. Secretary – John Torrance

e. Treasurer – Dan Skaret

f. Historian – Ken Murdoch


6. Nomination of Friars’ Briar Officers:

a. President – David Martin

b. Vice President – Don Sjoberg

c. Past President – Sieg Wall

d. Secretary – John Torrance

e. Treasurer – Dan Skaret

f. Historian – Ken Murdoch

Moved by David Taub, seconded by Doug Wheeler, that the Nominations Report be

accepted. Carried.

Note of appreciation was given to Ernie Paetsch for his term on the Board.

6. Treasurers Report: Dan Skaret explained the report as printed. As of Jan 31, 2016, the balance was $3690, minus $1000 for travel subsidy and minor expenses.

Moved by Dave Hunter, seconded by Bev Wilson, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as printed. Carried.

7. Hosting Committee Report: Gord Alton introduced the Local Arrangements Committee members, and appreciation was expressed through applause. A special pottery gift was given to Karen Kuenert by Kelly McComb for her extraordinary time commitment and organizational skills.

8. The Heavenly Host Trophy was presented by David Martin to Gord Alton on behalf of the Host Committee

9. The Amazing Grace Award will be presented tomorrow (Friday) at the closing lunch, along with the Don Amos and Hugh Christmas Awards.

10. Memorials: It was noted that the following former participants in the Friars’ Briar have died within the past year:

a. – Wilmer Minke: Maurice Martin told us that he born in Sullivan Twp; was ordained in 1969 and served in several Lutheran pastorates; was known for his volunteer work; was a member of the K-W Curling Club and participated in several Friars Briars. He had a great sense of humour

b. – Jim Lawrence: Fraser Muldrew told us that he and wife Peggy died last year. He curled with Fraser from 1998 at the Friars Briar; sang in church choirs; was a dedicated lay person in the United Church in Winnipeg Presbytery; and was on Board of L’Arche. He was a quiet, humble and gentle man.

Fraser wants to honour also his longtime curling friends Don Amos, Hugh Christmas, Cliff McMurtry, and Kutch Imioshi.

11. David Martin honored Fraser Muldrew, who has participated in all 37 Friars Briars, and presented to him a card signed by all participants and a Men’s Brier jacket and a Manitoba flag signed by the Manitoba Brier Team. Fraser played in the Western Canada Brier representing Manitoba in 1992, the same year he won the Friars Briar in Ottawa.

15. 2017 Friars’ Briar: David Martin asked for a straw poll to have the Friars’ Briar held at the Glen Meadows Golf & Curling Club in Victoria BC, March 6-10, 2017. Don Allen has invited us on behalf of the Clergy Curling of Victoria. (The Tim Horton’s Men’s Brier is being held in St. John’s Nfld & Labrador at the same time, but we have no clergy curling connections in that Province.)

17. Adjournment was called for at 10:25 p.m. Moved by Michael Dolgin and seconded Kelly McCombe. Carried.

The crowd thanked David for his leadership with applause, and he closed in prayer.