Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2014

Richmond, BC

March 5, 2014

Curling’ cool, Curling’ REAL cool
Grab a broom, get on the ice and play
Curling’ cool, curling’ REAL cool
Throw rocks on ice and sweep your life away.
Refrain from Bob and John’s (Entertainment Duo) Opening Song

1) David Martin extended a welcome to our 35th Annual Friar’s Briar and the 35th Annual AGM of the Friar’s Briar.

2) The adoption of the minutes of last year’s Friar’s Briar AGM in Edmonton was moved, seconded and carried (MSC).

3) On behalf of the Board David Martin offered a big thank you to Ken Murdoch for refurbishing the website and keeping everything up to date. He reported also that the board had approved topping up of the travel allowance from our earlier meeting. A thank you goes out to Paul Morel for his work as last year’s chair of the local committee and Alberta rep whose term finishes this year.

4) The Provincial Directors are as follows with corrections noted from Ontario:

a) BC – Ernie Paetsch 2015
b) AB – Don Sjoberg 2019
c) SK – Ron Wegner 2016
d) MB – Amy Butcher 2015
e) ON – John Torrance 2018
f) ON – Pam Bartel 2018

5) The Nominations remained the same as listed for the current Officers of the Board

a) President – David Martin
b) Vice President – Ernie Paetsch
c) Past President – Sieg Wall
d) Secretary – Amy Butcher
e) Treasurer – Dan Skaret
f) Historian – Ken Murdoch

6) The proposed Amendments to the Friars’ Briar were read and explained by David Martin. A five minute discussion was held at each of the 11 tables. Then table representatives reported back to the general body about the consensus at the table. All 3 amendments were viewed favorably. One year terms for officers, renewable annually; past president be an officer of the Friars’ Briar; and an amendment to Article 8.4 of the constitution changed to read:” A rink eligible to play in the FB must be skipped by a FBA member who is a clergy person or a Church Worker.” Some added points were that the term ‘an employee of a faith based organization’ be used instead of church worker. The proposed changes will be voted on at the next AGM. David thanked everyone for their feedback.

7) The Treasurers Report was given by Dan Skaret. The bank balance showed at January 31, 2014 was $4,923.40. See attached copy for further details.
Moved by Dan Skaret for acceptance of the budget
Seconded by Cameron Reid

8) Dan Eagle gave the local committees report. A $250 donation was given from a funeral home and a $1000 donation in memory of Kutch. Other donations were of cookies, gift bags, jars of port wine jelly, and cans of Salt Spring Island salmon with a key tag.  David Martin offered thanks to all the members of the local committee for a job well done: Doug Bradley, David Kimpton, Pat Burns, Barb Olson, Bob Schneider, Bob Burrows (jelly), Ian Grant, Grant Bracewell, Bill Johnson, Daniel Wiebe, Barry Morris, Laverne Hautz, Don Allan and last but not least Dan Eagle.

9) David Martin said that it was hard to decide on the winner of the Presidents Challenge Award for best curling wear during the Friar’ Briar (an idea given to him by his daughter’s boyfriend). He declared the winner to be the Bill Kiesman rink who wore orange tops, orange shorts, orange caps and even one with orange braids. The second prize to the Hautz rink for their colorful plaid pants and honorable mention to the Don Sjoberg and David Hunter rinks. The winners will be given a round of drinks and the second place a plate of nachos at a later time.

10) A history of the Amazing Grace award was given by Amy Butcher and presented by David Martin to Bob Burton. David Martin asked who had been at the original 1978 Conspiel in Winnipeg. Three members stood up including Frazer Muldrew, Cameron Reid, and Dennis Butcher. Those who were there for 25 years were George Budd, Ernie Paetsch and Bill Kiesman.

11) The Memorial Reflections for Ernie Bednarski, Paul Eriksson, and Ed Oman were given by Don Sjoberg. Longer tributes were given by Ian Grant for Kutch Imayoshi and by Sieg Wall for David Winter.

12) The 2015 Friars’ Briar will be from March 2 – 6 in the Calgary area. George Budd spoke briefly to this and the possibility of it being held in Okotoks.

13) The AGM was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Butcher
Attachments: Financial Statement (in Official Minutes File)