Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2013

Edmonton, AB

March 7, 2013

1. Sieg Wall opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Adoption of the Agenda –  MSC (Moved, Seconded, Carried)

Adoption of the Minutes of the March 8, 2012 AGM (Saskatoon, SK) as posted on the website with one correction in the year as listed from 2013 to 2012. MSC

 3. Business arising: None.

4. Reports from the Board

a)     Thanks to Edmonton for hosting this year.

b)     The medals will be purchased on a yearly basis.

c)     Our new historian and website manager, Ken Murdoch from Winnipeg is working on updating our website and will keep us informed of any changes.

d)     The Heavenly Host plaque was enlarged by Karen Gusek`s husband, Ron and this year was won by the host (AB & BC) with 71 points against the 57 points of the visitors (SK, MB, ON, and one team from the states).

e)  Presentation of the Current Board of Directors:

i.      Current Officers were presented as follows: President – Sieg Wall; Vice i. President  – Harold Hesje; Past President – David Hunter; Treasurer  – David Martin; and Secretary – Amy Butcher. These positions are elected on a yearly basis.

ii.      Regional Directors:

Ernie Paetsch             2015   BC

John Robertson        2015   ON

David Martin               2013   ON

Harold Hesje               2013   SK

Amy Butcher              2015   MB

Paul Moret                   2014   AB

f)      A warm thank you was given to Harold Hesje who was retiring. Also a thank you to Dave Hunter and Ernie Paetsch who continue to give their time and expertise towards the preparation of a manual for the hosting of the Friars` Briar. A prayer was offered for Mike Kuhn and family who will be going to work in Cameroon.

5. Nominations and Elections:

a)     President, Sieg Wall nominated the following persons as Officers of the Friars’ Briar Association, with terms of service being effective immediately.

i.      David Martin was nominated for President;

ii.      Ernie Paetsch was nominated for Vice President;

iii.      Dan Skaret was nominated for Treasurer

iv.      Amy Butcher was nominated for Secretary.                                              v.

Action: Moved, Seconded, Carried


b)     Directors were added as follows: Pam Bartel ON (2016) [still awaiting full acceptance] and Ron Wegner SK, (2016). MSC

6. Treasurer’s Report was given by David Martin (attached)– MSC.

7. Local Committee Report was given by Paul Moret, Alberta Friars Briar Board of Directors representative. And thank yous must be extended to all who worked on the local committee

8. The invitation for the Friars` Briar to be held in Richmond in 2014 was presented by Kutch  Imayoshi.

9. The Amazing Grace Award was presented by Dave Hunter to Bill and Veronica Kiesman (in absentia) and will be delivered to them by Ernie Paetsch.


10. Four memorials were presented as follows:

a)     Arnold Bablitz (a Lutheran chaplain and pastor from Alberta) by Phil Hink

b)     Don Brown (a United Church lay minister from Alberta) by Basil Henderson

c)     Ken Innes (a Presbyterian minister from Manitoba) by Fraser Muldrew

d)     Walter Cowan (a United Church minister from Manitoba) by Cliff McMillan


11. Larry Soper, chair of the local clergy curling league, introduced the local planning committee and thanked everyone for their behind the scenes work and for all those who participated in the 2013 Friars` Briar. The members of the committee were Carol Ann Inglis, Al Cash, David Morrow, Karen Gusek, Basil Henderson and Father Paul Moret.


12. A Thank You was offered for the good meal served and the entertainment on the hand bells provided by Phil Hink`s daughter, ________.


13. Rolf Nosterud presented greetings from the Kiesmans who were in a car accident on their way to this year’s Friars` Briar.