Friars’ Briar Annual Meeting 2012

Saskatoon, SK

March 8, 2012

Sieg Wall opened the meeting with prayer.

Adoption of the Agenda – MSC (Moved, Seconded, Carried).

Motion: Acceptance of minutes of AGM, March 10, 2011 – MSC

No business arising.

Report from the Board: S. Wall – 1) Thanks to local Saskatoon committee for an organized, well run and enjoyable event. 2) Medals were obtained and they were approved and will be bought in quantity. 3) Ken Murdoch will be taking on our Historian and Website Manager volunteer positions. Thanks to Sid Haugen for his many years of service as our web master. 4) The suggestion was made that new curlers were needed in both female and youth categories.


Current Board Members were listed as follows, elections held and MSC. No new directors were needed. Kellie McComb was not present at this year’s Briar, so Amy was appointed at the Board meeting.


President: Sieg Wall 2012-2013

Vice President: Harold Hesje 2012-2013

Past President: David Hunter

Secretary: Amy Butcher

Treasurer: David Martin 2013


G. Scholz, AB (2014)

E. Paetsch, BC.  (2012)

J. Robertson, ON.  (2015)

D. Martin, ON.  (2013)

H. Hesje, SASK.  (2013)

A. Butcher, MB.  (2015)

P. Moret, AB.  (2014)

Treasurer’s Report:

D. Treasurer’s Report was given by David Martin and received– MSC

Local Arrangements Report: David Hunter presented the report.

Main sponsor for this year’s Friar’s Briar meal event at the annual general meeting was Luther Care.

Shaw TV Media coverage of the final game was a highlight and they provided excellent coverage of the whole event.

Name cards for the teams were provided and posted on the score boards at each game.

Worship service provided during the event was well attended.

Memorial for Friars’ – David Martin made the report

Memorials were offered for Doug Sloan, a United Church minister, who had been on the Board but had not attended the last few Briar’s. and for Doug McKenzie, a United Church minister, who died suddenly at 67 years of age. Cliff McMillan who also knew Doug gave a fitting tribute. Doug had also served on the Board and renewed the ecumenical interest at the Briar in 2008. Sieg gave a moment of silence and then a prayer for those lost.

Amazing Grace Award:  The Amazing Grace Award was presented by David Hunter to Chris Swantz. It was returned this year after a year’s absence.

The 2013 Friars’ Briar will be hosted in Edmonton next year.

The Edmonton local committee led by Paul Moret gave a humorous Top 8 Reasons to come to the 2013 Friar’s Briar there.