Special Attraction for Wednesday Evening

The Winnipeg planning committee has been able to arrange a special event during the Friars Briar for guided tours of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  As  the 2019 Friars Briar will not occur during the Tim Hortons Brier, the Wednesday evening opening for attending such has now been filled with a unique opportunity for Friars to attend a guided tour of Canada’s only museum outside of Ottawa.

The guided tour has been reserved for Friars at quite a discount price ($15 per person) which is available on the Registration Form for both Teams and Individuals coming to Winnipeg in February, 2019.  Purchase of tickets will be available only through the registration process as the contract with CMHR does not allow for last minute purchases ‘at the door’ for its reserved evening tours.  Hopefully, Friars will avail themselves of this unique opportunity while in Winnipeg (as well as allow the local planning committee to meet the contract terms it signed with CMHR for this guided tour!!)

Groups of twenty persons will be led through venues at the Museum by a guide during the 1 1/2 hour tour, including ascending to the lookout tower at the peak of the Museum.  As such, visitors will be afforded a spectacular vista of Winnipeg, including the nearby Forks and Esplanade Louis Riel.  For those staying at the Humphry Inn & Suites (the Friars Briar host hotel), the Museum is only 2 1/2 blocks away, well within walking distance.

As the Museum closes at 9:00pm when open in evenings, the tour will commence at 7:00 pm to allow tours to end prior to the closing time.  In speaking to the Drawmaster, the last round of games on Wednesday afternoon will end conveniently at a time for ‘rest’ before the Tour gathering time.  Any further details for the event will be available at the Friars Briar event.

For further information, visit Canadian Museum for Human Rights