Winners of the 2022 Friars’ Briar in Lethbridge, Alta

Unfortunately, there was a delay in receiving the results of the Friars’ Briar at Lethbridge.  However, the following results are now presented as a wrap-up news item for that event.

Award Winners:
Heavenly Host – the visitors (defined as the west in 2022)
Amazing Grace – Teenie Wall
!st place – Team Freidrich
2nd place – Team Pacific
3rd Place – Team Baska
4th Place – Team Rock Stars
5th Place – Team Paetch (Don Amos winner)
6th Place – Team Bartel
7th place – Team Hesje (Hugh Christmas winner)
8th place – Team Wall

There was also a smaller online curling tournament a few weeks later. The final standings for that event is as follows:
1st – David Hunter
2nd – Chad Moir
3rd – Jack Dyck
Congratulations to all!

The decision has been made regarding location of the 2023 Friars’ Briar – London, ON, March 6-10