The Count Down Starts…

Yes everybody, since we are now into February, the count-down really starts for the Winnipeg hosting of the Friars’ Briar (starting February 25th).  This is your update coming from the Winnipeg Planning Committee….. 

As an update, we are one full team short of the desired 24 teams! In case you have a team ‘tucked away’ somewhere, or are a lonely individual, we are trying to put together enough players to help the Drawmaster from committing ‘you know what’!  Irons are in the fire, but if you have a team, or some individual out there, still hankering to meet the brethren, let  the Registrar know asap (use the Contact Us tab) and we will surely try to fit you in.  (This last team will qualify for the President’s dictum offering ‘half price’ to the last two teams registering this year). We feel there are people out there who were waiting for this panic sale!!

On another front, thanks to those who have registered for tickets to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights tour. We have committed to 48 tour participants and still have spots to fill.  If you want to go to this unique ‘special event’ here in Winnipeg, (Wednesday night) please indicate such to the Registrar (you can pay for same at the Registration Desk upon arrival – just $15 per person).

Otherwise, the planning committee is working hard to make this Friars’ Briar one to remember.  Remember, the Friars’ Briar had its inception in Winnipeg as the Conspiel, shortly to be known as the Friars’ Briar.  The ‘first rock’ episode will celebrate this with a unique twist!  And, you thought there would be a piper as usual……. be prepared for another unique approach.  You see, out here in Winterpeg, we have all this time huddling from the cold, thinking outside of the box!

As usual, wherever held, there is history behind the Friars’ Briar and everybody associated with it welcomes the yearly contact and friendship celebrated by coming together and ‘throwing the rocks’.