Round Robin – After 3 Games

Things are starting to heat up at the Victoria ‘Friars’ Briar’…..

After 3 games of the round robin, look at the standings. Winning 3 games so far are Teams… Allan, D. Martin, Perkins and Wall.  That’s 2 for BC, 1 for Ontario and 1 for Manitoba.  5 Teams are close behind at 2 wins so far.  So, stay tuned for Wednesday’s showdowns.

By the way, the whispers around the FB are, the Victoria planning committee has produced another great experience for the Friars’ Briar participants.  One can’t wait to see what else it has in store for the rest of the week!

And what about the President of the FB, eh!!  Relying on a research report by a person named  ‘Von Drump’, of all things!  Stay tuned for the results of the President’s Challenge on this site. (Don’t look for an early morning ‘tweet’)