Results for the 2016 Friars’ Briar in Ottawa


The Friar

Winding up, the Friars’ Briar in Ottawa has shown again how local committees across the country have put their energy into making the annual Briar a success. Thank you Ontario Planning Committee for the 2016 Friars’ Briar.

The final results this year include:

Medals Event Winners

Gold – Learmonth Team
Silver – LeBlanc Team
Bronze – Bartel Team

Don Amos Event Winners

First – Team Victoria
Second – Hunter Team
Third – Schenk Brothers Team

Hugh Christmas Event Winners

First – Frozen Chosen Team
Second – Wilson Team
Third – Burton Team


Winner of the Heavenly Host Award – The East Teams
(for the most games won between the East vs West Teams in Draw 1 of the Round Robin draws)

The Amazing Grace Award
Susan Wilson for fostering female Clergy Curling and exemplary sportswomanship

The President’s Challenge – Team Bartel
(for the most steals over the spiel)

A Special Recognition by the Friars’ Briar Association was given this year to Fraser Muldrew for being a founding member, fostering Friars’ Briar curling and for competing in 37 consecutive Friars’ Briar bonspiels!

And so another Friars’ Briar ends and preparations begin soon for the next Briar
(all things being equal, expected to be held in Victoria, British Columbia in 2017!)