President David Martin Offers a ‘Free Round’

Teams have another month to work on their wardrobe!!!  President David Martin’s recent email to the Friar’s Briar mailing list has challenged Teams coming to the 2014 Friar’s Briar in Richmond to outdo Team Norway’s Sochi Winter Games garb.  And the winning Team will claim a  ‘free round’ of drinks from President David!

(See Norway’s garb at )

Other news:

– The Early Bird registration rate has been extended to February 2, get yours in pronto!

Hotel rooms being held for Friars are until February 4, so you take your chances if trying to book rooms after that date

– The Richmond Planning Committee hopes for at least one more Team to enter, as there are 15 teams at the moment.  (The real reason behind their hopes is that, if one has to make up another team, the host Team will have to split up their current one and lose all hope of being the Briar winners they expected to be!  Let’s get another team in so we can see if they can live up to those expectations!!)