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January 10, 2022 by Alex Harrison

Are you ready to play in the Briar?
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With 5 full days of curling, 2 games a day, is your body ready for this? I've put together a few stretches and links for some workout plans from some curling experts.

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How to be a Friars' Briar Winner

We sat down with the winners from the 2022 Friars' Briar to see what they did to prepare, what they learned and how they plan to return next year.

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FRIARS' BRIAR is back!

Have you been missing curling with your fellow clergy?! London Ontario in 2023 could be your year!

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Brief History

From B.C. to Ontario the Pastors come
To trundle rocks on Shamrock’s lanes.
Twenty-two rinks by any name,
They sweep and glide from end to end.
To only use the “besom an’ stane”.
The Annual Friars’ Briar, so named,
a-curling by the Pastors and lay;
(both men and women may play the game.)
One lay person may play the lead.
Three on a rink must be Pastors indeed.

The Friars’ Briar is meant to be fun,
With fellowship and friendship at play.
As the heavy rocks turn and slide
Whether narrow or yet wide,
Win or lose, we will enjoy the day.

On one day a Banquet is served,
A short program and prizes beside.
When the rocks are all thrown
And the winners are known,
God be praised for all friends we have met!

Poem by Herb Eriksson