Opening Draws for Monday, March 5 – 2018 (UpDate March 1)

The Regina Drawmaster has just released the opening Draws for Monday, March 5 for 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm. 

See Below  ( p.s. changes reflect positions as of March 1, 2018)

Otherwise, check the Schedule Tab to see the times for all draws over the week.


2:30 PM  (Pools A & B)        
  Hesje SK vs Bartel ON
Pool A Zacharias SK vs First Rocks ON
  Irving AB vs Wall MB
  Kiesman BC/AB vs D. Martin ON
Pool B Knull SK vs Schenk BC/SK/ON
  Holy Host SK vs Sprong MB
7:00 PM (Pools C & D)        
  Flath SK vs Burton MB
Pool C Scholz SK/AB vs Hautz BC/AB/WI
  Allan BC vs Torrance ON
  Baska AB vs Borsellino ON
Pool D Hunter BC/SK vs M. Martin ON
  Paetsch BC/AB vs Johnson MB