It’s Final – There will be 16 Teams in the coming Briar! (But…)

Yes, word from the Registrar for the coming Briar says there will be 16 Teams competing in the coming Briar.  The “But…” comes about where there were only 15 Teams registered by the middle of February.  So, the Richmond planning committee has decided to ‘split’ a team (thanks to Don Allan and Dan Eagle) and try to make up the 16th team to make the schedule work.

In doing so, they are short one player each team and are calling on fellow Friars across the land to help find individual players and to contact the Registrar pronto with possible registrants.  Late Fees will be waived for individuals registering accordingly.  So help out the Richmond folks if you can.  They thank you in advance!

Schedule Updated

The final schedule of events for the coming Briar is now posted in the Event Schedule tab.  Supper and Opening Ceremonies commence 5:00 pm Monday, followed by the First Draw (All Teams) at 7:00 pm and end with the Final Lunch and Awards, starting noon on Friday.  The Banquet takes place at 6:00 pm on Wednesday.   See details for Draw times during the week.