Final Standings – Friars Briar 2015

Congratulations to the Baska Team, taking the Gold Medal over the Hunter Team in the finals of the Medals Round Award.

Winner in the Don Amos Award was the Grundahl Team, over the Reid Team.

Winner in the Hugh Christmas Award was Hesje Team over the Wall Team.

The ‘Amazing Grace Award‘ went to the East this year.  The award goes to the east/west split of team total scores in the first draw of the Round Robin series.  (For the Friar’s Briar, that usually means the split between east and west is down Portage Avenue in Winnipeg or somewhere in Regina, Saskatchewan!!)

(Full details of the events above are found in the ‘Draw Schedule and Results‘ tab for the 2015 Friars Briar Event in Okotoks, Alberta)

Word has it that the 2016 Friars Briar will be held in Ottawa, Ontario!  (Stay tuned for further details)