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January 10, 2022 by Alex Harrison

Are you ready to play in the Briar?
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With 5 full days of curling, 2 games a day, is your body ready for this? I've put together a few stretches and links for some workout plans from some curling experts.

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How to be a Friars' Briar Winner

We sat down with the winners from the 2022 Friars' Briar to see what they did to prepare, what they learned and how they plan to return next year.

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FRIARS' BRIAR is back!

Have you been missing curling with your fellow clergy?! London Ontario in 2023 could be your year!

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The Friars’ Briar – London, 2023

Round Robin Event – Monday through Wednesday

Round Robin Scores

TEAMDraw 1Draw 2Draw 3Draw 4Draw 5TOTAL Wins
(Win=1)Final Scores for Round Robin
Pool A
Bartel 001012
D. Martin110103
Pool B
Fawkesy Friars100012
J. Dyck111115
Diller Harder001001
M. Martin011002
Short & Sweep1 10103

*Winners in Bold


14:30 - 16:30
Draw 1
M. Martin- Short & SweepJ. Dyck – Diller Harder
Bartel- D. MartinPaetsch- TorranceHesje- Friedrich
Monday17:00- 19:00Draw 1ABaska- Fawkesy Friars
Tuesday9:30 - 11:30
Draw 2
Bartel- FriedrichBaska- J. DyckD. Martin- TorranceFawkesy Friars- Short & SweepHesje- PaetschDiller Harder- M. Martin
Tuesday14:00 – 16:00Draw 3J.Dyck- Short & SweepFawkesy Friars- M. MartinBaska- Diller HarderBartel- HesjeFreidrich – Torrance
D. Martin- Paetsch
Wednesday9:30 - 11:30
Draw 4
Hesje- TorranceD. Martin- FriedrichBartel- PaetschBaska- M. MartinFawkesy Friars- J. DyckDiller Harder- Short & Sweep
14:00 – 16:00
Draw 5
Diller Harder- Fawkesy FriarsBaska- Short & SweepFriedrich- PaetschJ. Dyck- M. MartinD. Martin- HesjeBartel- Torrance
Thursday9:30 – 11:30
Play-Off Rd 1Champion #1 vs #4Amos #1 vs #4Christmas #1 vs #4Champion #2 vs #3Amos #2 vs #3Christmas #2 vs #3
Thursday14:00 – 16:00
Play-Off Rd 2Amos #2 vs #4Christmas #2 vs #4Champion #2 vs #4Amos #1 vs #3Christmas #1 vs #3Champion #1 vs #3
Friday9:30 - 11:30
FinalsChristmas #1 vs #2 Champion #1 vs #2Amos #1 vs #2Champ #3 vs #4Christmas #3 vs #4Amos #3 vs #4