Covid19 requires Friars’ Briar to play ONLINE in 2021


March 8 – 12, 2021

Welcome to the FRIARS’ BRIAR 2021 ONLINE !!  (Courtesy of the BC Friars!!)

Due to COVID 19 and the limitations on interprovincial travel and gathering of large numbers of people, the 2021 Annual Friars’ Briar Bonspiel will be held ONLINE.  Social gatherings, business meetings and organizational gatherings will take place on ZOOM.  Curling competition will be through an online curling game, for those who wish to participate in play.

There will be online curling competition on an individual basis (though individuals are allowed to have an alternate/coach on their team but must share one account/nickname during the bonspiel.)  Curling competition will be held in Room 3, on  Registration must be completed by February 21, 2021 to allow for draw schedules to be made and address technical issues.  Participants must start a free (or paid subscription) account at in order to register for the bonspiel and participate in the chat feature.  (Instructions are available from the registrar.)  If curlers are unfamiliar with the online game, they are encouraged to register their account early and practice/play for a few weeks before the competition. 

Players will play as individuals rather than on teams.  Competition will include a Heavenly Host (East/West) competition.  Pools will be established for Round Robin Play and a Playoff schedule for the championship round will be made from the top sixteen players.  Other play-off rounds will be structured around the number of players participating.  Spectators are welcome at all online games. 

Round Robin games will begin Monday morning, March 8, and should be completed by Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT (8:00 p.m. ET).  The schedule allows flexibility, but it is essential to keep the flow of play going so there is not a backlog of games to play at the end of the day and so people in the Eastern Time Zone don’t have to be playing late at night.  When players mutually agree on a game time, the draw-master should be notified so the time can be posted, and spectators may join.  Once a player completes all of their Round Robin Games, they are welcome to play games for fun against other Friars’ who have completed all of their Round Robin Games.  The play-off round will be scheduled for Thursday and Friday. 

(Further details to follow by email or on the website where indicated)