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Another Year – Another Friars’ Briar

It’ the New Year, and the new President Pam Bartel has recently alerted the Friars’ Briar community via email that the Waterloo planning committee is working towards another memorable Friars’ Briar in March 2020. Registrations are open with registration forms for teams and individuals available on the website as usual. Be sure to look at the Information tabs for Travel and Accommodation recommendations.

Some changes of note should be taken into consideration. As the KW Granite Club ice is not available for Monday night, the Briar will have Monday morning and afternoon draws to accommodate. It is strongly advised, therefore, that Friars plan to get to Waterloo on Sunday, so as to be available for the Monday draws.

As well, the planning committee has included all luncheon costs in the registration. This is in addition to the usual Banquet, Opening and Closing meals that have always been included in the registration costs.

That said, let’s get the registrations in and help the Frairs’ Briar in Waterloo this March 2 through 6, 2020 be another successful gathering!

Scholz Team throws an 8-ender in Regina

The ‘Gee Bee’ team, skipped by Guy Scholz, made history in the Briar by throwing an 8-ender while playing in the Regina, 2018 Friars’ Briar.

In accomplishing the feat they tied up the game in the sixth end.  Members of the team included skip Guy Scholz along with other members George Budd, Rod Semeniuk and Ron Fengstad.

As far as one can recollect, this is the first time that an 8-ender has occurred in the history of the Friars’ Briar.

Take a look at the picture and count those yellow stones!!

We Have a Go… Friars’ Briar 2018 Registration is now Open – See Details

Calling all Friars to Regina for the 40th Anniversary of the Friars’ Briar!
Our Regina hosting group is hard at work preparing for the 2018 Friars’.  Registration is now open, so don’t delay. It is time to put your team together and get yourself registered. If you are a single registrant and want to be placed on an existing team of three or on a pickup team, please let us know in your registration. Next, book your flight or plan your  road trip and be sure to join us for the 40th Anniversary of the great Friars’ Briar  tradition.
Be sure to forward this email to your friends and past participants who may not have curled with us recently and may not be in our distribution list.  
Head on over to the website for all the details and register soon. There will be a rush on registrations for the 40th Anniversary so act quickly before you miss your chance to make history in Regina.
See you at the 40th,
David Martin, 
President, Friars’ Briar Associatiob
 Some Details for this year!!
Be sure to look at the Regina setup for the coming Briar.  Registration payment this year is by cheque only.  See the Registration forms accordingly (See here).  Also, those planning flights into Regina should help the planning committee with their plans to help you get to your accommodations (See here)  Be sure to keep up with event plans during the Bonspiel here
Registration Deadline will be WED. JAN. 31,2018 so the planning committee can organize the event accordingly.  After that date, be sure to check with the Registrar to see if there are opportunities to participate (Here);
Please Note: the following motion of the 2017 Annual Meeting will be in force for the 2018 Friars’ Briar 
Motion: “Each team must have as a minimum one clergy or employee of a faith-based organization on their team, preferably but not necessarily as skip.  Don Sjoberg moved and David Hunter seconded that we suspend the constitutional recommendation re: eligibility for next year, until the Constitution can be changed. Carried.
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It’s Official – 2017 Friars to be held in Victoria, BC

Yes, it is nFriar_Slideshowow official, the next Friars Briar will be held in Victoria, BC on March 6-10, 2017.

Further details will follow as soon as the ‘working group’ in BC announce same.

The delay in making this official stems from not knowing for sure where the big Brier was going to be held.  As of this date, this is still uncertain (though  we are assured it will not be in BC!).

Message from the Friars Briar President – Friars Briar 2016

The Roots of Friars’ Briar

“The roots of the Friars’ Briar goes back to 1978 when clergy from Ontario and the Western provinces decided that the political tensions that were dividing east and west across our country did not have to define how we related to each other as national faith communities. At the inspiration of Rev. Don Amos, a vision emerged to build better relationships between faith communities across our country by connecting clergy from various religious traditions in a national curling bonspiel.

This March in Ottawa will mark the 38th year that clergy and lay people from across our great country have been engaged in interfaith dialogue while enjoying a week of competitive curling. For the first time, the Friars’ Briar will be hosted in our nation’s capital, a fitting symbol of the Friars’ Briar vision for building national unity across faith traditions.

Please join us in Ottawa this March to enjoy some great curling and to keep the vision alive.”

David Martin, President (Friars’ Briar)

President Martin Welcomes Friars to the 2015 Briar

Dear Friars,

The rocks are already flying, as are the leaves, and our friends in Okotoks are well on the way to preparing another great Friars’ Briar Event. Make sure you get the date on your calendar or you will miss out on some great curling and fellowship. See their welcome letter from the Okotoks organizing committee. We will be just a short hop from Calgary and with a short drive we’ll have access to the big name rinks throughout the week.

 Talk it up at your curling club, pass on the info to those who don’t have email, bring an interested friend, and remember to register before the event fills up. The website will have all the details posted soon and you can use it to register online.

Get your plane ticket, save up for gas money and meet us at the Okotoks Curling Club!


Your Curling Chuckle for the Day:




See you in Okotoks, AB, MARCH 2 – 6, 2015

David Martin, President

Friars’ Briar Association

President’s Welcome – Friars’ Briar 2014

Welcome to the new Friars’ Briar website! We trust you will soon find everything you need to make your way to the 2014 Briar in Richmond, BC on March 3 – 7.

The Richmond hosting committee has been hard at work to make this a memorable Briar event. Sadly, Kutch Imayoshi, one of the key planners, passed away this fall and will be dearly missed. In tribute to Kutch, let’s make this one of the best attended Briars ever and show the folks in Richmond that clergy curling is alive and well in Canada!

If you need assistance of any kind, please feel free to be in touch.

Happy curling and see you in Richmond!

David Martin, President

Friars’ Briar Association

Curling in a POW camp during WWII

Thanks to FB member Al Cosh (Alberta) who forwarded an interesting story he found in The Curling History Blog  entitled The Prisoners of War who curled in Oflag IX A/H  by Bob Cowan.  Al thought it of interest to the FB members, so an introduction below:

Many years ago, when I first heard the story that WW2 prisoners of war had been sent curling stones so that they could play during their captivity, I was somewhat skeptical. But in 2007 I decided to follow it up, and contacted the National Ex-Prisoner of War Association, who distributed my query for more information. A couple of years later a response was posted in the ‘guest book’ from family of Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) R K Montgomery to say he remembered that some POWs in Oflag IX A/H in 1943 and 1944 ‘flooded the dry moat and then it froze so that they could go curling on the moat. It was a popular pastime’….. (Read the whole story)

In contacting Bob Cowan in Scotland about linking to the article he indicated,

Good to hear from you, and, indeed, I know of the Friars Briar, and I have enjoyed browsing your revamped website this morning.
Glad to hear that the POWs’ piece was of interest to one of your members. That was a fun article to do the research on, and it seems to be gathering some interest. Hopefully, down the line, someone who knows a bit more will come across the article, and we will learn more about this little snippet of curling history. That’s always the hope about any article that goes on the blog. David and I have posted more than one hundred articles about various and diverse aspects of the sport’s history since we got going in 2008. It is always my intention to get something new up at least once a month.

If any members of the Friars’ Briar can contribute to this story, feel free to contact Bob at . Meanwhile, The Curling History Blog link has been added to the new Curling Links tab of the FB Website for future contacts.