Opening Draws for Monday, March 5 – 2018 (UpDate March 1)

The Regina Drawmaster has just released the opening Draws for Monday, March 5 for 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm. 

See Below  ( p.s. changes reflect positions as of March 1, 2018)

Otherwise, check the Schedule Tab to see the times for all draws over the week.


2:30 PM  (Pools A & B)        
  Hesje SK vs Bartel ON
Pool A Zacharias SK vs First Rocks ON
  Irving AB vs Wall MB
  Kiesman BC/AB vs D. Martin ON
Pool B Knull SK vs Schenk BC/SK/ON
  Holy Host SK vs Sprong MB
7:00 PM (Pools C & D)        
  Flath SK vs Burton MB
Pool C Scholz SK/AB vs Hautz BC/AB/WI
  Allan BC vs Torrance ON
  Baska AB vs Borsellino ON
Pool D Hunter BC/SK vs M. Martin ON
  Paetsch BC/AB vs Johnson MB

2018 President’s Challenge: Raising the Bar!

2018 Friars’ Briar President’s Challenge: Raising the Bar!


We are doing it again! At the Friars’ Briar we are always challenging ourselves to give it our best and make the most of each shot. This year’s President’s Challenge kicks it all up a notch. Bragging rights will go to the team with the most raise takeouts through the course of the first seven games in the tournament. (Game eight on Friday morning won’t count, which means we can make the big announcement at the Thursday evening banquet.) Simply track the number of raise takeouts your team makes in each game, record them on the handy tracking sheet, then do the math after game seven and hand it the President at the beginning of the banquet. The team with the highest score will be treated by the President to a round of suds or a beverage of your choice at the closing luncheon.


P.S. Triple takeouts will count as a “double” but quadruple takeouts won’t. If you’re making quadruple takeouts, you’re in the wrong tournament. Head across town to the Brandt Centre and sign up for the Brier.


P.S.S. “What’s a raise takeout? I’ve never done one of those,” you say. 😊 Well, head over to this handy educational resource and sharpen your skills.


P.S.S.S. Q: “What’s a curling team’s favourite food?” A: “Takeout, of course!” 

Regina Planning Committee asks Registrants to complete Registration Payments

The Regina Planning Committee would like to thank everyone for sending in their registrations and we are pleased that we now have 24 teams registered.

We just want to encourage all those who have not yet sent in their registration money to do that as soon as possible, so that we are able to complete our financial activities of the budget.

Update on 2018 Friars Briar Schedule

The Regina Friars Briar for 2018 schedule has now been posted.

Please read, especially around the Monday events so you can make travel plans accordingly.  If there are any issues, please inform the Registrar promptly in case it may affect Monday draws.

As well, the planning committee has made allowance for Friars to attend the Tim Horton’s Brier on Tuesday morning.  See the details below.

The planning committee has decided that we have made the Tues morning ,Mar. the 6th available for our people to go to the Tim Horton’s Brier.

We are asking that people go to the Tim Horton’s site and they can order their own tickets. In this way we don’t have to try and figure out how many tickets to purchase and even if all the people want to go.

The people should know that in addition to the price of the ticket there is a $4.50 service fee and a $2.00 facility for each ticket. The price of the ticket is $26.00 .On line orders have a $ 4.00 processing fee on the complete order so if teams or groups purchase online as one group they can reduce some of the fees. The online order fee does not apply if the purchase is made in person at the box office.

Seats are moving pretty good so our curlers experience is likely going to be better if they get the tickets in advance. That being said tickets for the Tuesday morning will likely be available as a walk up ticket.

We Have a Go… Friars’ Briar 2018 Registration is now Open – See Details

Calling all Friars to Regina for the 40th Anniversary of the Friars’ Briar!
Our Regina hosting group is hard at work preparing for the 2018 Friars’.  Registration is now open, so don’t delay. It is time to put your team together and get yourself registered. If you are a single registrant and want to be placed on an existing team of three or on a pickup team, please let us know in your registration. Next, book your flight or plan your  road trip and be sure to join us for the 40th Anniversary of the great Friars’ Briar  tradition.
Be sure to forward this email to your friends and past participants who may not have curled with us recently and may not be in our distribution list.  
Head on over to the website for all the details and register soon. There will be a rush on registrations for the 40th Anniversary so act quickly before you miss your chance to make history in Regina.
See you at the 40th,
David Martin, 
President, Friars’ Briar Associatiob
 Some Details for this year!!
Be sure to look at the Regina setup for the coming Briar.  Registration payment this year is by cheque only.  See the Registration forms accordingly (See here).  Also, those planning flights into Regina should help the planning committee with their plans to help you get to your accommodations (See here)  Be sure to keep up with event plans during the Bonspiel here
Registration Deadline will be WED. JAN. 31,2018 so the planning committee can organize the event accordingly.  After that date, be sure to check with the Registrar to see if there are opportunities to participate (Here);
Please Note: the following motion of the 2017 Annual Meeting will be in force for the 2018 Friars’ Briar 
Motion: “Each team must have as a minimum one clergy or employee of a faith-based organization on their team, preferably but not necessarily as skip.  Don Sjoberg moved and David Hunter seconded that we suspend the constitutional recommendation re: eligibility for next year, until the Constitution can be changed. Carried.
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2018 Friars Briar in Regina – Preliminary Info Now Available

The Regina organizing committee has just released preliminary information about Accommodations and Curling Rink for the 2018 Friars Briar.  Further notice regarding Registrations will be available in due time, once the President officially notifies curlers about the start of the 2018 Friars Briar season via email.

Information about Accommodations can be found here.

Information about the curling rink can be found here.

Otherwise, one can use the sidebar menu items found on the front page of the website.




Final Results & Awards – Victoria Friars’ Briar -2017

Another successful Friars’ Briar took place in Victoria, BC where 18 teams took to the ice for keen competitions.  7 teams came from Ontario, 2 from Manitoba, 2 from Saskatchewan, 1 from Alberta, 4 from BC and another 2 from BC/Alberta mixed.

The Final Results were as follows:

Medal Event
Gold Medal  MARTIN (David)
Silver Medal  WALL
Bronze Medal  BARTEL

Don Amos Playoff
First  Learmonth
Second  Martin (Maurice)
Third  Borsellino

Hugh Christmas Playoff
First  Re4mD
Second  Edmonton Steelers
Third  Kiesman

Other Awards were presented at the Banquet:

Winner of the Heavenly Host Award – The East

The Amazing Grace Award – Rod Fair

The President’s Challenge: Team Borsellino

A Special Recognition (The Most Artistic Wipeout) – Keith McFarlane