Attention Friars – Drawmaster Announces Thursday Playoff Events

The first message from the Drawmaster is meant to inform Friars about when and which Teams will be curling in the first games of the playoffs at 8:30 pm

Teams in the Medal Event and the Don Amos Event have their first games at 8:30 am

Teams in the Hugh Christmas Event have their first games at 11:15 am

The remaining times for games will be posted at the rink as results of the first round are posted at the rink, though all teams will have two games on Thursday (either 11:15 am or 2:00 pm.)

Teams making up the Medal Event are:  Budd, Friesen, Sprong, Hesje, Knull, M. Martin, Team Victoria and Burton  (and in that order!)

Teams making up the Don Amos Event are: D. Martin, Hunter, Wall, Paetsch, Lurvey, Bartel, Baska, Johnson (again, in that order!)

Lastly, but not forgotten, Teams making up the Hugh Christmas Event are: Ewert, Seasoned Rockers, Epp, McMillan, Gracelads, Mystery Rocks, Foliot, Finley  (in that order)

As such, for the Medal Round, it looks like the kickoff will be Budd vs Burton: Friesen vs Team Victoria: Sprong vs M. Martin: Hesje vs Knull.

For the Don Amos Round, it looks like the kickoff will be D.  Martin vs Johnson: Hunter vs Baska: Wall vs Bartel: Paetsch vs Lurvey

For the Hugh Christmas Round, it looks like the kickoff will be Ewert vs Finley: Seasoned Rockers vs Foliot: Epp vs Mystery Rocks: McMillan vs Gracelads

Scoring will be found on the Draw Schedule and Results tab as play progresses.