2018 President’s Challenge: Raising the Bar!

2018 Friars’ Briar President’s Challenge: Raising the Bar!


We are doing it again! At the Friars’ Briar we are always challenging ourselves to give it our best and make the most of each shot. This year’s President’s Challenge kicks it all up a notch. Bragging rights will go to the team with the most raise takeouts through the course of the first seven games in the tournament. (Game eight on Friday morning won’t count, which means we can make the big announcement at the Thursday evening banquet.) Simply track the number of raise takeouts your team makes in each game, record them on the handy tracking sheet, then do the math after game seven and hand it the President at the beginning of the banquet. The team with the highest score will be treated by the President to a round of suds or a beverage of your choice at the closing luncheon.


P.S. Triple takeouts will count as a “double” but quadruple takeouts won’t. If you’re making quadruple takeouts, you’re in the wrong tournament. Head across town to the Brandt Centre and sign up for the Brier.


P.S.S. “What’s a raise takeout? I’ve never done one of those,” you say. 😊 Well, head over to this handy educational resource and sharpen your skills.


P.S.S.S. Q: “What’s a curling team’s favourite food?” A: “Takeout, of course!”