We Have a Go… Friars’ Briar 2018 Registration is now Open – See Details

Calling all Friars to Regina for the 40th Anniversary of the Friars’ Briar!
Our Regina hosting group is hard at work preparing for the 2018 Friars’.  Registration is now open, so don’t delay. It is time to put your team together and get yourself registered. If you are a single registrant and want to be placed on an existing team of three or on a pickup team, please let us know in your registration. Next, book your flight or plan your  road trip and be sure to join us for the 40th Anniversary of the great Friars’ Briar  tradition.
Be sure to forward this email to your friends and past participants who may not have curled with us recently and may not be in our distribution list.  
Head on over to the website for all the details and register soon. There will be a rush on registrations for the 40th Anniversary so act quickly before you miss your chance to make history in Regina.
See you at the 40th,
David Martin, 
President, Friars’ Briar Associatiob
 Some Details for this year!!
Be sure to look at the Regina setup for the coming Briar.  Registration payment this year is by cheque only.  See the Registration forms accordingly (See here).  Also, those planning flights into Regina should help the planning committee with their plans to help you get to your accommodations (See here)  Be sure to keep up with event plans during the Bonspiel here
Registration Deadline will be WED. JAN. 31,2018 so the planning committee can organize the event accordingly.  After that date, be sure to check with the Registrar to see if there are opportunities to participate (Here);
Please Note: the following motion of the 2017 Annual Meeting will be in force for the 2018 Friars’ Briar 
Motion: “Each team must have as a minimum one clergy or employee of a faith-based organization on their team, preferably but not necessarily as skip.  Don Sjoberg moved and David Hunter seconded that we suspend the constitutional recommendation re: eligibility for next year, until the Constitution can be changed. Carried.
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