Update on 2018 Friars Briar Schedule

The Regina Friars Briar for 2018 schedule has now been posted.  https://friarsbriar.ca/event-schedule/

Please read, especially around the Monday events so you can make travel plans accordingly.  If there are any issues, please inform the Registrar promptly in case it may affect Monday draws.

As well, the planning committee has made allowance for Friars to attend the Tim Horton’s Brier on Tuesday morning.  See the details below.

The planning committee has decided that we have made the Tues morning ,Mar. the 6th available for our people to go to the Tim Horton’s Brier.

We are asking that people go to the Tim Horton’s site and they can order their own tickets. In this way we don’t have to try and figure out how many tickets to purchase and even if all the people want to go.

The people should know that in addition to the price of the ticket there is a $4.50 service fee and a $2.00 facility for each ticket. The price of the ticket is $26.00 .On line orders have a $ 4.00 processing fee on the complete order so if teams or groups purchase online as one group they can reduce some of the fees. The online order fee does not apply if the purchase is made in person at the box office.

Seats are moving pretty good so our curlers experience is likely going to be better if they get the tickets in advance. That being said tickets for the Tuesday morning will likely be available as a walk up ticket.