Curling in a POW camp during WWII

Thanks to FB member Al Cosh (Alberta) who forwarded an interesting story he found in The Curling History Blog  entitled The Prisoners of War who curled in Oflag IX A/H  by Bob Cowan.  Al thought it of interest to the FB members, so an introduction below:

Many years ago, when I first heard the story that WW2 prisoners of war had been sent curling stones so that they could play during their captivity, I was somewhat skeptical. But in 2007 I decided to follow it up, and contacted the National Ex-Prisoner of War Association, who distributed my query for more information. A couple of years later a response was posted in the ‘guest book’ from family of Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) R K Montgomery to say he remembered that some POWs in Oflag IX A/H in 1943 and 1944 ‘flooded the dry moat and then it froze so that they could go curling on the moat. It was a popular pastime’….. (Read the whole story)

In contacting Bob Cowan in Scotland about linking to the article he indicated,

Good to hear from you, and, indeed, I know of the Friars Briar, and I have enjoyed browsing your revamped website this morning.
Glad to hear that the POWs’ piece was of interest to one of your members. That was a fun article to do the research on, and it seems to be gathering some interest. Hopefully, down the line, someone who knows a bit more will come across the article, and we will learn more about this little snippet of curling history. That’s always the hope about any article that goes on the blog. David and I have posted more than one hundred articles about various and diverse aspects of the sport’s history since we got going in 2008. It is always my intention to get something new up at least once a month.

If any members of the Friars’ Briar can contribute to this story, feel free to contact Bob at . Meanwhile, The Curling History Blog link has been added to the new Curling Links tab of the FB Website for future contacts.