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Another Year – Another Friars’ Briar

It’ the New Year, and the new President Pam Bartel has recently alerted the Friars’ Briar community via email that the Waterloo planning committee is working towards another memorable Friars’ Briar in March 2020. Registrations are open with registration forms for teams and individuals available on the website as usual. Be sure to look at the Information tabs for Travel and Accommodation recommendations.

Some changes of note should be taken into consideration. As the KW Granite Club ice is not available for Monday night, the Briar will have Monday morning and afternoon draws to accommodate. It is strongly advised, therefore, that Friars plan to get to Waterloo on Sunday, so as to be available for the Monday draws.

As well, the planning committee has included all luncheon costs in the registration. This is in addition to the usual Banquet, Opening and Closing meals that have always been included in the registration costs.

That said, let’s get the registrations in and help the Frairs’ Briar in Waterloo this March 2 through 6, 2020 be another successful gathering!

Team Pictures – Winnipeg – 2019

(Click on picture to enlarge, then Copy/Paste to your Word or other ‘document’ program for printing)

Friars’ Briar 2019 – Awards Ceremony

The 40th celebration of the Friars’ Briar ended on Friday, March 1.  2019 with the awarding of the Medals and  Trophies.  The outgoing President, Don Martin, handed out the prizes and posed with the Teams.

Winners of the Medals Event went to:



Gold Medal -Team Sprong










Silver Medal – Team Hesje









Bronze Medal – Team Victoria






Other Trophy Winners went to:




Don Amos Trophy – Team Wall







Hugh Christmas Trophy – Team Foliot






The full accounting of the week’s draws can be found on the Draw Schedule and Results tab

Thursday was the ‘business’ day…..and a new President

Yes, Thursday is the busy day as by the end of the day, final positions are settled going in to Friday, the Banquet has taken place and the Annual Meeting of the Friars’ Briar is over.

Coming out of the day-

Medal finals include Budd vs Knull for the Gold and Silver, with M.Martin vs Friesen for the Bronze
Don Amos finals include Johnson vs Bartel for First and Second, with Lurvey vs Hunter for Third
Hugh Christmas finals include Finley vs Seasoned Rockers for First and Second, with Ewert vs Epp for Third

The Banquet was its usual success, plenty of food, music and ‘those’ j0kes!



Of note at the Annual Meeting was the handing over of the President’s position from David Martin to the new president Pam Bartel.

Attention Friars – Drawmaster Announces Thursday Playoff Events

The first message from the Drawmaster is meant to inform Friars about when and which Teams will be curling in the first games of the playoffs at 8:30 pm

Teams in the Medal Event and the Don Amos Event have their first games at 8:30 am

Teams in the Hugh Christmas Event have their first games at 11:15 am

The remaining times for games will be posted at the rink as results of the first round are posted at the rink, though all teams will have two games on Thursday (either 11:15 am or 2:00 pm.)

Teams making up the Medal Event are:  Budd, Friesen, Sprong, Hesje, Knull, M. Martin, Team Victoria and Burton  (and in that order!)

Teams making up the Don Amos Event are: D. Martin, Hunter, Wall, Paetsch, Lurvey, Bartel, Baska, Johnson (again, in that order!)

Lastly, but not forgotten, Teams making up the Hugh Christmas Event are: Ewert, Seasoned Rockers, Epp, McMillan, Gracelads, Mystery Rocks, Foliot, Finley  (in that order)

As such, for the Medal Round, it looks like the kickoff will be Budd vs Burton: Friesen vs Team Victoria: Sprong vs M. Martin: Hesje vs Knull.

For the Don Amos Round, it looks like the kickoff will be D.  Martin vs Johnson: Hunter vs Baska: Wall vs Bartel: Paetsch vs Lurvey

For the Hugh Christmas Round, it looks like the kickoff will be Ewert vs Finley: Seasoned Rockers vs Foliot: Epp vs Mystery Rocks: McMillan vs Gracelads

Scoring will be found on the Draw Schedule and Results tab as play progresses. 

Draw Schedule for the Seeding Round Robin

Now that one knows who the ‘competition’ is in your Group, the Drawmaster has completed the Schedule for the Seeding Round Robin event for Monday through Wednesday.  Be prepared for some back-to-back games as a result of 24 teams playing on 8 sheets of ice.

Known by most of the team members coming to Winnipeg, the top 2 teams in each group of the Round Robin go on to form the Medal Round playoffs, the next 2 teams in each group form the Don Amos playoffs, and the last 2 teams in each group form the Hugh Christmas playoffs.

In order to prepare for ‘ties’ in rankings at the end of the Round Robin series, there will be 2 extra ends for each draw on Monday to prepare for such eventuality.  Look up Rules of Game for the Friars’ Briar to see details for playing these ends.

And now, as everyone is waiting to know, the Round Robin schedule can be found here.

Round Robin Groups are Chosen….

The Drawmaster (and his little elves) has drawn up the Groups for the Seeding Round Robin event.  The schedule will be posted shortly, but it is evident that ALL the Manitoba teams (save for the Epp and Mystery Rocks teams) will be the only teams playing the Monday afternoon draw (3:00 pm)

D. Martin
Mystery Rocks
Team Victoria
Seasoned Rockers

The Count Down Starts…

Yes everybody, since we are now into February, the count-down really starts for the Winnipeg hosting of the Friars’ Briar (starting February 25th).  This is your update coming from the Winnipeg Planning Committee….. 

As an update, we are one full team short of the desired 24 teams! In case you have a team ‘tucked away’ somewhere, or are a lonely individual, we are trying to put together enough players to help the Drawmaster from committing ‘you know what’!  Irons are in the fire, but if you have a team, or some individual out there, still hankering to meet the brethren, let  the Registrar know asap (use the Contact Us tab) and we will surely try to fit you in.  (This last team will qualify for the President’s dictum offering ‘half price’ to the last two teams registering this year). We feel there are people out there who were waiting for this panic sale!!

On another front, thanks to those who have registered for tickets to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights tour. We have committed to 48 tour participants and still have spots to fill.  If you want to go to this unique ‘special event’ here in Winnipeg, (Wednesday night) please indicate such to the Registrar (you can pay for same at the Registration Desk upon arrival – just $15 per person).

Otherwise, the planning committee is working hard to make this Friars’ Briar one to remember.  Remember, the Friars’ Briar had its inception in Winnipeg as the Conspiel, shortly to be known as the Friars’ Briar.  The ‘first rock’ episode will celebrate this with a unique twist!  And, you thought there would be a piper as usual……. be prepared for another unique approach.  You see, out here in Winterpeg, we have all this time huddling from the cold, thinking outside of the box!

As usual, wherever held, there is history behind the Friars’ Briar and everybody associated with it welcomes the yearly contact and friendship celebrated by coming together and ‘throwing the rocks’.

Special Attraction for Wednesday Evening

The Winnipeg planning committee has been able to arrange a special event during the Friars Briar for guided tours of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  As  the 2019 Friars Briar will not occur during the Tim Hortons Brier, the Wednesday evening opening for attending such has now been filled with a unique opportunity for Friars to attend a guided tour of Canada’s only museum outside of Ottawa.

The guided tour has been reserved for Friars at quite a discount price ($15 per person) which is available on the Registration Form for both Teams and Individuals coming to Winnipeg in February, 2019.  Purchase of tickets will be available only through the registration process as the contract with CMHR does not allow for last minute purchases ‘at the door’ for its reserved evening tours.  Hopefully, Friars will avail themselves of this unique opportunity while in Winnipeg (as well as allow the local planning committee to meet the contract terms it signed with CMHR for this guided tour!!)

Groups of twenty persons will be led through venues at the Museum by a guide during the 1 1/2 hour tour, including ascending to the lookout tower at the peak of the Museum.  As such, visitors will be afforded a spectacular vista of Winnipeg, including the nearby Forks and Esplanade Louis Riel.  For those staying at the Humphry Inn & Suites (the Friars Briar host hotel), the Museum is only 2 1/2 blocks away, well within walking distance.

Esplanade Louis Riel taken from the tower of the Museum of Human Rights



As the Museum closes at 9:00pm when open in evenings, the tour will commence at 7:00 pm to allow tours to end prior to the closing time.  In speaking to the Drawmaster, the last round of games on Wednesday afternoon will end conveniently at a time for ‘rest’ before the Tour gathering time.  Any further details for the event will be available at the Friars Briar event.


For further information, visit Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Welcome Friars to the 2019 Friars Briar

The Winnipeg Planning Committee welcomes curlers to now register for the 2019 ‘Friars Briar.

A number of items are now in place, including the curling rink (Heather Curling Club), a hotel reservation deal (Humphry Inn & Suites) and a special tour deal at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  Check the left side of the website under ‘Information’ for details before beginning the registration process.

As before, registration is for Team online registrations.  (Those individuals who want to be considered for completing incomplete teams will find an Individual Registration form below the Team registration form.)

Don’t forget, the 2019 Friars Briar is one week before the ‘big Brier’ ( February 25th-March1, 2019) so as not to compete with faith calendar matters the following week!  Nevertheless, the Planning Committee has replaced the usual time for attending the big Brier, with a unique  opportunity to have a guided tour of the (and only Canadian museum outside of Ottawa) facility for a much reduced price offered to the general public.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity while in Winnipeg (and help us fulfill the contract arrangement we have with the Museum!!)  Another post will detail more this opportunity (only available in Winnipeg, you say!)

Please Note: Registration Deadline is January 25, 2019

In closing, the Winnipeg Planning Committee wants to welcome Friars to the ‘truly 40th anniversary’ and the birthplace of the Friars Briar. (Don’t forget, the Quebec FB was never held… check the history!)  Keep checking the website for updates on further arrangements as the Committee completes details in anticipating another round of the Friars Briar.


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